If Client Given The 3 Lines of requirements in that case how to write test cases if the application still in the development phase

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Test engineer can write the test case based on the requirement given by the cilent.

First test engineer should ask the functional consultant to covert the requirement in use case flow. So test engineer understand the functionality from use case and start prepare the test case for each requirement.

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Its not an 3 Line Requirement. Its called Client Request (Cr's). for that we can make check list for each request and check the request is implemented or not. which should be documented. In rather case, the CR's is expanadable one, then we could write test case for them and then to execute.

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first clearly understand the requirement  don`t worry about how many lines he have given based upon the requirements form the test case it can be positive or negative don`t worry kindly undergo 

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If we have only there lines we have to clarify the requirements with the customer.and our seniors about is there is any previous project is there to check it all and we may assume some test case if it is a familiar project (e.g:if it is a bank means c name c, nr etc).and the go for test cases.

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  • Oct 6th, 2009

The Tester can write the test cases based on the client's 3 lines of requirements.  Tester needs to do collect details.  He need to talk to BA, Software Developer, End User etc., collect the details and based on the details collected write the test cases.

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If a client has provided 3 lines of requirements, how would you write test cases if the application is still in the development phase?

I can see this happening if the client is preparing other requirements and simply wants to give the development and test teams a head start.  If this is the case, then these requirements must be thorough enough to expect the development team to begin designing them.  Nevertheless, I would begin authoring test cases only if

1) these requirements were approved and baselined
2) they don't rely on other requirements to fully understand them
3) they are self-contained
4) they are clear and thorough
5) they are testable 

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  • Sep 5th, 2012

First I get the details through walk through after got the three lines of requirement and involve with BA and devolopers for full details.

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We can also say this as Addendum (Additional Requirement). As the application is still in the Development phase. we can write Test case for the same in their appropriate module. But Ensure the newly added (3 lines) requirements should be added in to the Test plan, estimate for the same and their requirements should be mapped to the Test Case.

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