Who will exacatly assign the priority to the bug.. developer or tester?

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  • Oct 20th, 2005

tester will assign the bug

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Abhishek Gupta

  • Nov 21st, 2005

The priority is assigned by the developer only. The task of tester is to assign the seveiority of the bug.


  • Dec 27th, 2005

Tester will assign the priority of the bug depending upon the blocking the application while testing as end user.

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  • Feb 2nd, 2006

The tester assigns the priority of the bug according to the timeframes defined by the business or clients.

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  • Mar 1st, 2006

Test Lead will assign the severity and priority of any bug, tester is not concerned about this, he is responsible only to report the bud to test lead.

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  • May 15th, 2006

Tester detects the bugs and assigns Severity to the bug and the Test lead will assign the Priority  when to Test.


  • May 19th, 2006

Yes Kalyan,

You are correct. Also the priority and severity is pre-defined in the PMP (project management planning) document by the Project manager and QA lead.



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Inna Reddy

  • Aug 3rd, 2006

Plz can i know which answer is correct?


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  • Apr 4th, 2007

actually severity means how much the bug affect to the program, so it would be assigned by the tester. and priority is by developer


  • Apr 19th, 2007

Seviority is the seriousness of the problem for fixing a defect, given by the tester
Priority is the urgency of fixing, given by the developer.


  • Apr 20th, 2007

Actually the priority is assigned by the client depending upon the his requirements which one he needs fix early

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  • May 4th, 2007

The severity and priority of the bug is totally depending on the company level. If you have a very good knowledge on the application then you give the severity and priority of the bug. Generally senior most members give both of them to the bug.

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Rohit Bansal

  • May 8th, 2007

Tester assign the seveirty of bug but priority is assigned by CCB (Change Configuration Board) or by Project Manager

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  • Jul 5th, 2007

Priority assigned by Tester only but some time it may verified by Team Leader

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  • Aug 25th, 2007

* Severity of the Bug is assigned by the Tester. How sever the bug is ? For example if the Error occuring is Blocking the Furture Process or Functional Error, its severity is high, obviously Tester should explain it.

* In Normal Priority is given by the Development Lead. Bug having Severity High will be Considered first.

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Priority can be set by the tester but the sole descretion lies with the project manager who can consult the Team leads, client or the stake holders.

Because its ultimatley the development team who has to fix the defect so when and by whom to fix the bug is decided by project manager.

Severity can play a role in deciding the priority of bug but we cannot say that they both are directly proportional, there's a vast difference between the two.

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  • Oct 22nd, 2007

Hi ,
The tester assigns the Severity to the bug.
But it is upto the Business/Client who decide the priority based on their business needs and requirements.
Based on the Priority given by the Business, the developers try to fix the bugs in that order.

As An Example:

Suppose for a page, sort results functionality is available. If that is not working properly, the testers assign it a higher severity.
But the business decides that for the time being it can keep the sort functionality aside, then it assigns it a low Priority.

The developers then react to the priority and then go about fixing the higher priority bugs.

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  • Oct 24th, 2007

Assign the priority and seviority comapany to company will vary. Normally Seviority is assign the test lead and priority is assign the tester

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  • Oct 24th, 2007

Priority means importance of the defect to resolve interms of customer. Developer will assign the priority to the bug

Severity means the seriousness of defect interms of functionality. Tester will assign severity to the bug.

Thank You

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  • Oct 26th, 2007

Priority - DeveloperDev team is the responsible for assigning the priority depends on the client requirement.

Sev:TesterTesting Team is the responsible for assigning the sev depends on the productproject leakage.


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  • Oct 28th, 2007

In my view when the testing work start in the company. Firstly each and every module check by the tester if he fonud bug so he decide the priority and severty of that particular bug. After that that bug send to the (TTL) then he check the bug sev/pri then he give to the developer.

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  • Nov 4th, 2007

Priority will be assign by the client side not from tester nor from developer

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MJ is right to some extent.

First of all the developer has nothing to do with Severity or Priority, he only has to fix the bug.

Second, The tester can assign the priority only in some cases and not always. Lets suppose if there's a bug which is blocking the testing of a functionality, and until that bug is fixed the tester cannot test the functionality. In that case the tester can assign a priority to the bug as high since it needs urgent attention.

While Generally the Project Manager or the the Project Management team (business users) assigns the priority. The the test lead can give inputs to the project manager and based on those inputs the priority can be assigned.

I hope this can make things clear.

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Priority depends on the business flow. The bug that is going to affect more important things & has chances to affect the program more number of times is given more priority. The bug that can cause a lot of damage to the application or any of the linked component is given more severity.
The tester checks which bug is having more damage or impact on application & so will decide the severity of the bug. The programmer takes care of the business flow & hence decides the priority. Priority means urgency. If the release date is near & it is not possile to resolve all the bugs, the developer can resolve the bugs on the basis of priority. Hence, priority is decided by the developer.

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Who know the Prioritize of the bug? who know shich bug is to fix first? developer or Tester? Is Tester is well aware on this bug is to fix first? if a bug showstopper and unable to procedd and it was low priority by Tester. is it ryt?

So Developer or Team Lead should define the Priority and assign the bug to fix to the developers

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The answer to this question depends on the company and its context.  Normally, in my company, it is the Program Manager that assigns priority to all defects.  This takes place in a 'bug triage' meeting with representatives from the development and test teams in attendance. 

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Testers will assign the priority of bug based end-user functionality.
But developer will assign relative priority to bugs of same severity.
When the severity of bugs is more with same priority then developer will assign priority to bugs & work on them.

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  • Feb 23rd, 2014

Lead or Manager? please clarify

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  • Mar 24th, 2014

Short answer: Neither of them.

I cannot stress enough that one needs to understand the intention of the question. This is a tricky and misleading question and has prompted many incorrect answers. The real intention of this question is to check if the QA understand priority/severity definitions, bug triage process and QAs activities on a given project.

Note: For the sake of this discussion, I will keep it simple by using the word "bug" instead of defect.

when a QA/tester identifies a bug, he/she will set preliminary priority and severity values based on his/her understanding of requirements, and definitions of priority & severity. Each organization has its own flavor of priority and severity definitions as with the quality gates policy.

During a bug triage meeting, BA, dev. team lead, test team lead shall collectively agree and assign priority and severity values to bugs.

With this answer, interviewer understands that the person being interviewed is genuinely experienced and not a person with fake experience.

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  • Jun 2nd, 2014

Considering QC (Quality Center) as your defect management tool, one cannot report a BUG without mentioning both the severity and Priority of the BUG as these fields are mandatory. So while raising the defect tester will assign the priority of the BUG based on several factors as below:

a. Severity of the BUG
b. Visibility of the BUG
c. Testing Timeline
d. No of occurrence of the BUG etc

Afterwards (Once after the bug reporting) the developers will analyze the defect raised by all testers and prioritize the defects. Because though a tester raises a defect as priority 1 defect, which may not be the priority one defect in terms of developers when analyzing the other defects raised by other testers also.

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Abhishek Maurya

  • Jun 23rd, 2014

No, Abhishek Gupta, you are wrong. priority should be defined by Tester and Module delivery lead.

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  • Jun 23rd, 2014

Severity will be decided by tester where as priority will be decided by developer. Even this follows same in QC

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  • Jun 24th, 2014

Severity will be decided by test end and priority will be decided by dev end in triage call

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