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While doing conversions different columns will load into interface tables automatically or not?

Asked By: Hemadri Irugu | Asked On: Jul 2nd, 2014

Answered by: Raghu on: Aug 25th, 2014

Yes,while done the conversion data will be stored into interface tables,after run the standard program data will be moved from interface tables to base tables

Answered by: AISHWARYA.S on: Aug 21st, 2014

Automatically created..

What are jtf objects, why are they required?

Asked By: Mobin Shaikh | Asked On: Nov 14th, 2007

Answered by: sanju on: Jun 20th, 2014

JTF Object Used For Field Service Module.

What is the md50 document and explain one example in real time?

Asked By: jayaramudu | Asked On: Jan 15th, 2013

Answered by: shatagni on: Mar 13th, 2014

MD 50 Is functional Design document. Module Design 50.
Which is Input for a technical consultant who develop the product based the MD 50 Design.

Answered by: CHALAM on: Mar 26th, 2013

MD 50 is nothing but the functional flow document which is designed by the Functional Consultant

What are the steps involved in development of a XML report?

Asked By: viswanath | Asked On: Dec 30th, 2006

Answered by: RAghupal on: Jan 30th, 2014

1) in Rdf , in Datamodel Write the Query, if u want summary columns,formula columns add in data model 2)Sava The file name with extenstion(.rdf) 3)Generate the xml (i.e File --->generarate the xml) 4)...

Answered by: Purvesh khanna on: Oct 9th, 2013

Steps for developing a XML report in r12 1. Define data template. 2. Create data definition and associate or upload data template. 3. Define concurrent program to generate data XML output. 4. Def...

Key & descriptive flexfield

Asked By: mirunalinimiru | Asked On: Apr 21st, 2008

What is the purpose of key & descriptive flexfield in Oracle 11i: how many key flexfield are there in Oracle 11i 10 5 module?

Answered by: Ranu Sinho on: Nov 15th, 2013

Flexfield is a field made up of segments or sub fields. In Oracle application, there are two types of flexfields. 1. Key Flexfield 2. Descriptive Flexfields Key flexfields : it is made up of no o...

Answered by: ajith kumar s on: Nov 9th, 2012

Key Flexfield: it used to capture the organization mandatory information.

Descriptive KFF: It is used to capture the organization additional information

What you mean by procure to pay cycles? Can u tell me the journal entry for procure to pay cycles?

Asked By: jootesh | Asked On: Apr 21st, 2006

Answered by: Lakshmi L on: Feb 1st, 2013

1.Requisition 2.RFQ 3.Quotation 4.Purchase Orders 5.Receipts 6.Invoices 7.Transfer to GL Journal Entries: 1. Receive Receiving Material To Accrual 2. Deliver Inventory Material Cost ...

Answered by: ajith kumar s on: Nov 9th, 2012

1) When ever we receive the material to staging area receiving inventory a/c Dr To Ap accrual a/c 2)staging area to sub inventory inventory a/c Dr To rece...

What is multi org flow? How many organisation are there in an operating unit?

Asked By: anup shanker | Asked On: Aug 17th, 2006

Answered by: Lakshmi L on: Feb 1st, 2013

Multi -Org Flow for R12:

1. Business Group
2. Ledger
3. Legal Entity
4. Operating Unit
5. Inventory Organization
6. HR Organization

Answered by: bhargavi on: Jan 17th, 2008

Multiorg is implementing multiple organisations under single oracle implementation.

What is the difference between cross validation and security validation

Asked By: sri | Asked On: Sep 24th, 2007

Answered by: laxman2625 on: Dec 28th, 2012

SECURITY RULE: Control Access to ranges of Accounting Flex-field Segment values by defining Security Rules and assigning them to responsibilities Prohibit invalid combinations of ...

Answered by: ajith kumar s on: Nov 9th, 2012

Security Rule: By using the security rule we can give the access permission to the user for specific segment values and the security rule works at Responsibility Level. Cross Validation Rule: By usin...

Functional consultant

Asked By: arameshofc | Asked On: Dec 28th, 2007

What is the procedure for testing after implementation as a functional consultant?

Answered by: unknown on: Dec 6th, 2012

3 types of testing is performed 1. System integration test (SIT/developer testing): To check configuration of system providing desired output from system. 2. Quality Assurance Testing (QAT): if some...

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

The functional consultant has to understand the modules they are implementing and the set up and configuration options available, the key skill is being able to map the requirements of the customer to...

How many kff's are there in GL module in Oracle Apps.?

Asked By: vijay | Asked On: May 18th, 2006

Answered by: ajith kumar s on: Nov 9th, 2012

We have 3 KFF in gl module those are 1. accounting key flexfeild: By using accounting key flexfiled we can design our organization structure 2.reporting attribute key flexfield: this key flexfild is ...

Answered by: prathap Reddy on: Mar 12th, 2012

Now in GL 3 KFFS are there

1) Accounting Flexfield
2) Repeating attributes Flex field
3)gl ledger flex field(this is used for mass allocation purpose whenever we are run the mass allocation generate report that time added one more segment that is gl leder flex filed.

Profile option

Asked By: ajith kumar s | Asked On: Sep 14th, 2012

What is the use of "mo:security profile" option?

Answered by: Asif on: Oct 12th, 2012

This profile groups Operating Units allows us to access to more than one organization from the same responsibility. When the profile SLA: ENABLE SUBLEDGER TRANSACTION SECURITY is set to Yes, drill-dow...

Which command is used to execute a store procedure?

Asked By: Aminur | Asked On: Oct 17th, 2005

Answered by: Waseem Mehmood on: Sep 4th, 2012

If you are executing from SQLPlus then

SQL> execute procedurename(paramters); -- You can also use short format EXEC

If you are using PL-SQL then


procedurename(parameters); -- no need to use Execute keyword in PL-SQL block



Answered by: shiva on: Apr 11th, 2012

There are two ways to execute the stored procedure
2. Create anonymous block


IF procedure is declared in package then we have to call this procedure in following way:


Difference btw supplier_id,party_id,customer_id ,vendor_id

Asked By: venkat8585 | Asked On: Apr 20th, 2012

Hi what's the difference btw supplier_id,party_id,customer_id ,vendor_id

Answered by: Tom Haughey on: Apr 29th, 2012

Jaya is correct. But Party could be the super type that has all the data the other three share in common. All the common data goes in Party, the individually specific data goes in the other three.

Answered by: Jaya on: Apr 28th, 2012

Supplier_id - is the party referred as, in payables AP
Vendor_id - is the party refereed as, in PO
customer_id and party_id is party referred as, in AR

What is the transaction code to see the tables in FICO

Asked By: Sruthi | Asked On: Dec 16th, 2006

Answered by: MARUTHI on: Apr 6th, 2012


Answered by: NAVEEN on: Nov 25th, 2011

Through se16 we can see all the tables

Contract purchase agreement.

Asked By: chandrashena | Asked On: Oct 20th, 2010

What is contract purchase agreement,when do we use it?

Answered by: sunita on: Mar 7th, 2012

Contract purchase agreements are created for suppliers to agree on specific terms and conditions without indicating the goods and services that u will be purchasing,

Answered by: venkat on: Oct 16th, 2011

You create contract purchase agreements with your suppliers to agree on specific terms and conditions without indicating the goods and services that you will be purchasing. You can later issue standar...

I want to know that if any user is disabled the system administrator responsibility then what I do? Because when this responsibility is disabled then he didn't show from any user. So, this is very critical...

Asked By: devesh | Asked On: Oct 16th, 2005

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

1) Log on to System Administrator.

2) Go to Security > User > Query the User Name.

3) Remove the Date Effective To( i.e which is end dated as open).

You can be able to view the System Administrator Responsibility.

Answered by: kothariketan on: Aug 16th, 2007

The system administrator responsibility got disabled. We can still use application developer responsibility and add "Define Responsibility" function / screen to existing any responsibility. ...

How do I register a concurrent program in Oracle Apps?

Asked By: Meenu | Asked On: Aug 3rd, 2006

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

1) Log on to System Administrator Responsibility.

2) Define Concurrent Program Executable.

3) Define Concurrent Program by giving Short name, Application Name, Description & also choose the concurrent program executable.

Answered by: shrikantgarud on: Apr 23rd, 2008


How will you submit SQL script like as concurrent request?If the temp tablespace is full every time what we will do?

Asked By: nagaraju | Asked On: Jul 14th, 2007

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

Apps Developer needs to request Apps DBA to extend the disk space, so that Apps DBA Can add the space which would solve the problem.

What is printer style and how to develop printer style

Asked By: jyotsna_bathina | Asked On: Jul 16th, 2007

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

Printer Style is the style of the printer , in other words style is nothing but the definition of the combination of Rows and Columns ( Ex:- Landscape, Land Wide or Portrait).

What is the architecture of Oracle Apps? (asked in accenture)

Asked By: t1.venki | Asked On: Jul 17th, 2007

Answered by: Bonthu Nagi Reddy on: Mar 5th, 2012

Oracle Application Architecture is 3 Tier Architecture.

1) Database Tier ( Ex:- Oracle )/ Server/ Back End.

2) Client/ Front End ( Ex:- Forms ).

3) Application Tier ( New Tier ).

Answered by: kesava.chunduri on: Mar 10th, 2008

Hi,Did they ask you about the Apps Architecture (or) the Hierarchy? Generally they ask you about the Apps Hierarchy i.e, how Apps implemenations are done.As per what he/she has mentioned it, it is 3 t...

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