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What do you do if the bug that you found is not accepted by the developers and hence saying it is not reproducable?

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1) I would first re-examine the issue; the developer may be right

2) If I can still reproduce it, then I would make sure all my test steps are clear and thorough

3) I would verify that my expected and acual results were clear, thorough, and not misleading

4) I would include more information that would help reproduce the issue, including screen shots, environment variables, etc.

5) If the this situation persists, I would contact the developer and walk him through it over the phone or I would personally meet with the developer and show him how to reproduce the defect.


  • Sep 10th, 2011

What ever the bug i reported to the developer that must be not reproducible,so simply i will intimate to the project manager

There might be misunderstanding between the tester and the Developers.The steps the tester follwed to produce the bug might not be the same what the developer followed
The Bug produced by the tester might have fixed due to some other fixation. Hence better to Keep the screen shot with you.
It might be the tester has not understood the requirement and the contrary might also be true

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  • Mar 14th, 2012

i agree with you

and we have another better way is by using web x then share your desktop and show your your SRS document and explain the functionality what you follow.then he should agree with your defect.

When the Testers are logging a bug and when the developers are explaining that the bug is reproduceable ,because the developers are changing their code dynamically. So the QA testers are not able to reproduce the mentioned bug.
Due to environment issue also the bug is not able to reproduce.,

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