Retesting a Defect

Why it is important to thoroughly retest a defect after it has been reported fixed?How will you do that?

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When we get the fixed defect response from a developer, it is necessary to change status from open to fixed by Tester so it is very important to do the testing by Tester to confirm it whether it is fixed or not completely, so that we have to retest the defect.

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Retesting is very important to verify the bug in the build is closed or not. Its must important to check that the Opened bugs fixed correctly. this can be done through by retesting. Once the status is changed to 'Opened' to 'Fixed'(fix done by developer). The fixed bug is assigned to the Tester, the tester execute the steps again and ensure the same bug is not there in the build. and he/she make the stauts as 'Closed'

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Defects are re-tested in order to validate they are fixed.  A defect report should always include the precise steps to reproduce the issue.  Therefore, you would follow these steps and determine whether or not the defect has been fixed.  If the defect no longer occurs, then enter a timestamped comment stating the test passed and the defect appears to be fixed.  Then close the issue. 

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  • Jun 3rd, 2014

Defect I booked when a particular test case functionality fails i.e difference in actual & expected results.Re testing the defect takes place when a bug is fixed by the technical person or functional person as per the situation....

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