Black Box Testing Bugs

What kinds of bugs are you more likely to find with black box testing?

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  • Aug 21st, 2009

The following types of bugs can be found in Black Box Testing.
1) Functionality related bugs.
2) GUI.
3) Validations.
4) Spelling mistakes.
5) Grammatical mistakes.


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  • Aug 26th, 2009

1. Functionalities that are not working exactly as per requirement.
2. Bugs related to interface between different components of the software.
3. Error handing issues.
4. Compatibility issues.

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Black box testing refers to any testing that is performed without knowledge of the internal workings of an object under test.  It takes an external perspective of the object.  This object can be a single application or it can be an entire system.  Based on this definition, all of the following can be considered forms of black box testing: 

1) Functional
2) GUI
3) Validation
4) Usability
5) Performance
6) Concurrence
7) Compatibility
8) Interoperability
9) Error message
10) Load
12) Volume
13) Stress
14) User help
15) Security
16) Scalabiity
17) Capacity
18) Reliability
19) Recovery
20) Endurance
21) Installation
22) Accessibility
23) Localization
24) Internationalization

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