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Suppose your colleague has written test cases for a functionality and you are reviewing those test cases, how will you conclude that the test cases were correct?

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We will check out the testcases have covered all the application requirements. From the requirement documents we will match the test case are wriiten taking in to requirement specifications

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  • May 14th, 2009

You need to match the requirements and see that those have been analyzed and all scenarios have been included. Negative test cases have been included. Also the template is complete all sections of it is filled up as relevant. the following test case attributes need to be considered .. 
A test case should stand by itself, it should be examplary.


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  • Jun 23rd, 2009

Things to verify while carrying out test case review:

1) All the requirements mentioned in FRS are covered.

2) All negative scenario tests are covered.

3) Boundary Value Conditions are covered. i.e Tests covering lower/upper bounds are covered.

4) Data Validity tests are covered.

5) All the GUI related test cases (if mentioned in FRS) are covered.

by verified with SRS and functional document. if there is any variance on the Test Steps and expected results, the concern Test case should be approved. Those Test case should be marked and highlighted and have discussed in meeting.

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  • Aug 25th, 2009

I will consider the following thing while reviewing test cases:

1. Test cases are written exactly by following requirements.
2. There must be at least one test case for the functionalities described in the requirements.
3. There should not be any dupliacte test case.
4. Test cases should be best fit to its bread.
5. Test cases should be neither too simple nor too complex.
6. Test data should be clear and should be correct.
7. Test case should be so clear that anyone should be able to understand properly.
8. Test cases should match for its type i.e. usability test cases should not be written while writing functional test cases.

   If there is any descripency found in test cases then we should mark them and clearly mention the reason for incorrectness and alternatives to correct them.

I would ensure the following criteria are met:

1) The project is well-defined and easy to find in the quality management tool.

2) The test suite is well-organized, intuitive and easy to navigate.

3) Test case titles are complete, intuitive and can stand by themselves.

4) All requirements and pertinent details presented in the following documentation are covered by test cases:
   a) Functional Requirements Document (FRD)
   b) Technical Specifications Document (TSD)
   c) Work-flow Diagrams
   d) Wireframes

5) All positive and negative tests are covered by test cases.

6) All required boundary value analysis is covered by test cases.

7) All required data validaton tests are covered by test cases.

8) All required GUI tests are covered by test cases.

9) All required compatibility and interoperability tests are covered by test cases.

10) The body of test cases follow standard format and include all required sections.

11) All pre-conditions are properly presented in the test cases.

12) Test cases are clear and concise.

13) Persons with no prior knowledge can easily understand and readily execute the test cases.

14) Test cases are accurate (to the best of my knowledge).

15) There are no duplicate test cases.

16) Test cases are properly mapped to their requirements.

17) Test cases are properly prioritized.

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