Avoiding Automated Testing Pitfalls

What are the necessary steps to effectively improving the Automated Testing Techniques?

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Automated testing requires when ever the manual testing takes time to conduct testing so if we want to avoid this automated testing we need to improve the manual testing stuff by improving the no of test engineers who are having very gud testing skills.

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Below are the some points to avoid the Automated Testing Pitfalls.

1. Have a effective Automated framework documents.
2. Preparing checklist to make a changes in the components added/updated in GUI
3. Proper Error handling function is used to avoid the break ups.
4. Clear cut ideas on passing the Test Data (Data Driven)
5. Ensure the Test Coverage for Automation to Test.


  • Jan 25th, 2010

1) Improve the Testing Process 
2) Define Requirements 
3) Prove the Concept 
4) Champion Product Testability 
5) Design for Sustainability 
6) Plan for Deployment 
7) Face the Challenges of Success

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