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    What Account is Salary outstanding

    What Account is Salary outstanding? Is it real, personnel or nominal account?

    naman bagga

    • Dec 7th, 2017

    O/s expense is an expense which is still to be paid like unpaid rent, unpaid salary and many more. It is a type of liability actually. It is a expense in which we have used the service or taken the service but the amount is not paid or given.


    • May 28th, 2017

    As its a current liability it would go to the real account. Anything outstanding is considered stored with you like an asset which you cant utilize as its a liability so asset and liability related a/c would be reported in real account


    What is Cash Book and Pass Book?

    unnati patel

    • Dec 5th, 2017

    Cashbook is written by depositor and pass book is prepared by bank which mention credit and debit amount by depositor.

    shehzad ahmed

    • Mar 5th, 2015

    Cash Book is Maintain in the office which is contains all the transaction in cash or with the bank.
    pass book is allow by the banks to his acounts holder and Its entered by the bank for Its account holder Which are cash or cheque etc.


    Why we need to do PCC?

    Annada Prasad uttaray

    • Nov 30th, 2017

    First is the compaction sub base may contain deleterious substances, alkaline, harmful salts etc. which will causes corroded the reinforcement of RCC. No.2 -is it may porous & the cavity would soak wa...

    Rana Laskar

    • Oct 12th, 2017

    Whether PCC and RCC to be done in same day?


    If Rs20/- is available to pay for typing a research report & typist A produces 42 pages and typist B produces 28 pages. How much should typist A receive?



    • Dec 5th, 2017

    Typist A produces 42 pages
    typist B produces 28 pages
    Total unit=lcm(42,28)=84
    84/42:84/28=2:3 when we calculate pay for typing the ratio will be 3:2
    for A 3/5*20=12


    • Jun 22nd, 2006

    Here is the answer Find of 42 % of 20 rs with respect to 70 (i.e 28 + 42) ==> (42 * 20 )/70 ==> 12 Rs


    How many types of sessions are there in informatica.please explain them.

    Asha Frank

    • Dec 6th, 2017

    Reusable and non-reusable


    • Feb 18th, 2017

    There are totally two types of session,
    1.Reusable session,
    2.Non_reusable session,

    1.Reusable_session: When you create session under task developer, this is reusable session.

    2.Non_reusable_session: When you create session under workflow this is non_reusable session.

    Thank you



    4) There are 5 distinct pairs of white socks and 5 pairs of black socks in a cupboard. In the dark, how many socks do I have to pull out to ensure that I have at least 1 correct pair of white socks? a) 3 b) 11 c) 12 d) 16


    • Dec 8th, 2017

    A) 3


    • Oct 5th, 2017

    The answer is 11 5 white pairs =10 socks ,pick 5 from them which do not match with any other for worst case 5 black pairs =10 socks ,pick 5 from them which do not match with any other for worst case ...


    Three Pipes Attached to a Tank

    Three pipes, A, B, & C are attached to a tank. A & B can fill it in 20 & 30 minutes respectively while C can empty it in 15 minutes. If A, B & C are kept open successively for 1 minute each, how soon will the tank be filled?


    • Dec 7th, 2017

    A and B can fill the tank as 1/20+1/30=5/60 for 2 mins C an empty it as -1/15 i.e, -4/60in 1 min Now together they will fill 5/60-4/60=1/60 for 3 mins So at the end of 55th successive (to match wit...


    • Sep 4th, 2017

    Why should we add those units?


    IC Engine Efficiency

    With increasing temperature of intake air IC engine efficiency will increase or decrease? Explain


    • Dec 4th, 2017

    If we increase temperature of intake air then volume of air is increased and hence density will decrease because of this pressure of inlet air is decrease therefore we does not get proper quantity of air to expands and hence expansion ratio will decrease therefore efficiency will decrease....

    shyam prasad

    • Sep 7th, 2016

    It depends on type of engine if SI engine there would be pre-ignition and so detonation would occur and efficiency decreases and for CI engine as temperature increases there would be no time delay so efficiency would be increasing.

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