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    How a tester will convince to a developer that the bug assigned to the developer is a bug.


    • Apr 27th, 2017

    While reporting a bug, provide below details:
    1. Issue
    2. Steps to reproduce
    3. Related story/ Test case where the acceptance criteria is not matched
    4. OS/ Device in which it is seen
    5. Reproducible percentage
    6. Screenshots
    This should suffice. Even if they do not accept, you may talk to Test Lead

    vaibhav more

    • Feb 11th, 2017

    In this situation there are two conditions first is I will try to explain the developer with strong reason.
    And second one is I m discuss with my BA.
    So in 95% practical scenario getting solved by using second step, But even after problem persists I will discuss my Client with permission of PM


    How do you dynamically change the page size of D2k Reports ?

    Muhammad Farooq

    • Apr 27th, 2017

    Please guide how to use this parameter PAGESIZE
    as I am trying but not working as below
    PAGESIZE = 17*8 ;
    this line wrote in before report trigger but showing error


    • Oct 7th, 2007

    Pagesize=width*height(Default  bitmap is 8.5* 11 inchs,               char     is 80 * 66 characters)Note...


    Rechristalization Separate the Dissolved Solids from Aqueous Solution

    I have a liquid mixture in a bottle containing different synthetic substances dissolved from their salt forms (i.e. lidocaine hydrochloride, anhydrous caffeine). These compounds are dissolved in distilled water. So the question is: How can I separate the dissolved solids from the aqueous solution? Can I do it by forming a hydrochloride precipitate by adding some hydrochloric acid? Or, say the sulfate...


    • Apr 27th, 2017

    By evaporation and distillation process. Through many evaporator series to find the Liqueur or product that you need


    • Apr 21st, 2017

    Crystalization or LLE should work..
    There is something called as common ion effect. I think that acid addition is something to do with shifting the equilibrium. Sometimes in LLE the pH change (addition of acid) helps in adjusting solubility coefficient.


    A man bought some horses, cows and goats.

    A man bought some horses, cows and goats. They were 100 in number(totally). If it costed Rs.100 to buy those 100 animals and the cost of a horse, a cow and a goat was Rs.10,Rs.3, 50 paise respectively,how much horses goats and cows did he buy?


    • Apr 27th, 2017

    4 Rs. 1 Book
    25 p. 1 Pencil
    50 p. 1 Pen


    Testing Sequence

    What is testing sequence in Sanity and Smoke Testing? Which will come first?


    • Apr 27th, 2017

    Which come first in testing between scenario testing, smoke testing, and regression testing?

    v kiran kumar reddy

    • Dec 12th, 2014

    Both are related to BVT. There is no difference in both. It depends on Organization to use the name. When a build is deployed for testing. we check the major functionality is working fine or not and we can navigate to all the areas of the application. t


    Bug tracking tool.

    What is Bug tracking tool?


    • Apr 25th, 2017

    Tool which is used to track progress of bug life cycle like open, assigned, rejected, accepted, closed etc.


    Extract 2 characters in file

    Hello,I want to extract 2 characters of the first column of the one file, that file has 19 columns, in bash script.the first column is some thing like this 2005-07-25, and I want to extract 07. I wrote this codeawk '{ print $ substr ($1,6, 2)}, but out put is he whole of the column: 2005-07-25! can you help me?


    • Apr 25th, 2017

    Awk -F "-" {print substr($2,0,2)} xdf.txt

    Avinash Gupta

    • Mar 8th, 2017

    Cut -f1 test1 | cut -d - -f2


    How to retrieve a second highest salary from a table?

    How to retrieve a second highest salary from a table? Note:Suppose salaries are in duplicate values eg: Name Sal Malli 60000 Pandi 60000 Rudra 45000 Ravi 45000


    • Apr 25th, 2017

    SELECT DISTINCT salary FROM Employees ORDER BY salary DESC Limit 1 ,1


    • Dec 7th, 2016

    Using correlated Query we can solve the same

    1. SELECT E1.salary FROM Employee E1 WHERE 1 = (SELECT COUNT(1) FROM Employee E2 WHERE E2.salary>E1.salary)

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