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    Count of Multifile

    How to get each partition count and total count of a multi file?

    Dinesh ingole

    • Feb 9th, 2018

    When we run m_expand command, we get all partition details and we can run wc -l for each partition this way we will get each partition count & m_wc command gives count for mutlifile


    Raw Material Calculation

    To make a job from brass sheet which is 0.5mm thick, job description is Dia = 16mm, height =8.5 thickness=0.43mm, How will you calculate the material required for making 1 job or 1000 job? What is the dia you should cut from brass sheet on punching machine?


    Monitor 90 Micron Sieve in Cement

    We are monitoring the cement fineness by 45 micron only but not by 90 micron. How important to monitor 90 micron residue in cement. Explain. Also in our clinker the MgO is around 4.3 %. We would like to produce OPC 43 grade cement , but it is failing in auto clave test. Is there any alternative available to produce OPC 43 grade with this much MgO in clinker.

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