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    Electrical Engineering Career Change

    I have done engineering in electrical but i love coding and would want to work as software engineer but i dont have enough % to crack off campus drives, can i write elitmus and expect good job from that?


    Cement Requirement Calculation

    How much cement and robosand calculated in 1 sq meter. 300*200*200 size brick? I want 1 sq meter, how many bricks and cement and robosand is required?


    Test Cases for Non-Mandatory Fields

    Hi All, I have an web application to consider, where in i have all the tabs to check only for mandatory fields. This application will be used by high level users like Admin. Not By users. So my doubt is, we need to include test cases for non -mandatory fields or not...? Please reply to this. Thanks.


    Make a generic graph

    I want to make a generic graph to compare the number of count between log file and a load ready file for 8 different files in a single run in abinitio.Kindly help me out


    VBscript Sub Procedure

    You can write Function procedure to return value and also you can write function procedure without returning value (if your function not returning any value it works like sub procedure) Then what is necessity of Sub procedure concept in VBScript when function procedure alone can be used for both returning value and non returning value?


    Compile Source Records

    I have 10 Million records in source and target 5 million records were populated then job was aborted again i go and compile and run the job when that time job will run from 5million 1 record to remain records how?


    Testing tools for Django Project

    Can anyone please suggest some good testing tools for a Django project? I need to test the different use case scenarios, unit-testing, as well as load-testing for my project. Are there any good standard testing suites available? Any other suggestion(s) for the testing process is greatly appreciated. I use Django, postgresql on Ubuntu server if this information is necessary.


    Size of structure

    struct { int a : 8; int b : 10; int c : 12; int d : 4; int e : 3; int : 0; int f : 1; char g; } A; what is the size of structure. size of bitfields with out character allocation is 48 bytes. so it is taking 4+4 =8 bytes. what about memory for character. Why memory for char is not allocated seperately. I am expecting size=4+4+1=9 bytes. When I compiled. it is giving 8 bytes....


    • Nov 22nd, 2018

    Data alignment is different than checking the size, so please dont mingle these two concepts,Now 8+10+12+4+3=37 == 8Bytes gone(if int is of 4Bytes)its taking next boundary for int f and char g,caz in...

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    Eliminating Header and Trailor without using next in sequence and Dedup sort

    I have header and trailer records to some body records like below emp.dat|12042016 1/A/1000 2/B/2000 3/C/3000 3 Here there is no record indicator. How will you eliminate and separate header and trailer records without using Next In Sequence, Dedup sorted and any Partition components?


    • Dec 10th, 2018

    1) Add Sequence to each line. Input file: your file having input Output file with sequence added : out1 2) Create file having first rec Sort sequence number position equals 1 ...


    • Aug 22nd, 2017

    Using rollup component, pass null key, then the select port contain the last record, the op of deselect port used as a lookup use reformat component and use output index here we use lookup count function to achieve the scenario, else use first and last function in rollup


    A ball is dropped from a height of 10 feet. Every time it rebounces to half of the height. how many feet it traveled?


    • Dec 9th, 2018

    Its a infinite gp series ans is 30 feets. 2a/(1-r)-a is formula


    If 13 = 13w/(1-w), then (2w)2 =A. 1/4B. 1/2C. 1D. 2



    • Dec 9th, 2018



    • Oct 7th, 2017

    ^ operator takes because 2 is in the power not in multiple, numeric value if in multiple then write first and if in power write in last logically. as (2w)2 here first 2 is shown that it is in multiple and 2nd one is power



    What is redefine in COBOL?


    • Dec 5th, 2018

    redefines class is something you can use the existing memory location for your new variable using the redefines caluse 01 emp-data pic x(100) 05 emp-name pic x (40) 05 emp-no pic x(20) 05 fi...


    • Nov 12th, 2017

    The example specified here gives an error. The redefines variable should have length less than or equal to redefined item.


    What is test log?

    Siddiqui Siraj Ali

    • Dec 5th, 2018

    After executing the test case we have to report the status in Test Log Doc. It consist of percent of test case pass criteria and percent of test case fail criteria. This criteria is useful in Exit criteria i.e by seeing this criteria we have to take decision whether we have to stop testing or not.


    • Mar 7th, 2017

    How can I write a log file, That can I able to generate my own logs?
    I need some help with code.


    How many bytes occupied following comp example?

    Dear Friends, This is regarding COBOL comp. PIC X(3) occupy the 3 bytes... but PIC 9(3)V9(7) COMP occupied how much bytes? I said in interview that 10/2 = 5 bytes. V is specified for decimal point. Is that correct? But interviewer looked at me differently when I said this answer? If you are more confident, please reply this ...thanks in advance,.


    • Dec 5th, 2018

    COMP will store the values in binary format and
    from 9(1) -9(4) it will occupy 2 bytes
    from 9(5) -9(8) it will occupy 4 bytes
    from 9(9) -9(18) it will occupy 8 bytes


    • Aug 17th, 2018

    Hello - Since there is a V , this computational usage must be COMP-3. Now in COMP-3 where it is signed or unsigned the sign is stored in the last 4 bits. 9(3)V9(7) COMP-3 will thus occupy 6bytes. Thank you.


    Design a DWH Table based on the given source

    We have a source which provides data in the following format? Design DWH tables based on this . Suggest whether you would keep the existing structure or whether you would break them apart into Separate Tables? ItemId PropertyId Value A1 10 Black A1 20 16gb A1 30 Iphone6 A1 1000 Apple you have a Property Reference...


    • Dec 5th, 2018

    This is just another fact data.. So keep as one table with 2 dim keys. No change.


    • Feb 26th, 2015

    Since this is DWH scope, i read this as 1 row (attributes of a product & order together) ItemID ColorPropertyID ColorPropertyVal SizePropertyID SizePropertyVal ProductPropertyID ProductProperty...


    Concatinating two rec by using COBOL & JCL

    I need to concatenate records by using cobol and jcl (both) as follows. Input File: AAAAA BBBBB CCCCC DDDDD 11111 22222 33333 44444 Split the file into two halves and 1st rec of first half and 2nd rec of second half records are concatinated and 2nd rec of first half and 2nd rec of second half records are concatinated and so on..... and o/p as given below Output File: AAAAA 11111 BBBBB 22222 CCCCC...


    • Dec 5th, 2018

    Please post your requirement clearly .. If you have to concatenate the records from two different files you can use IEBGENER



    • Mar 20th, 2018

    Outrec overlay=(5:13,3,9:5,3,13:17,3,17:9,3)

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