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    Date Validation

    How to Validate Date in cognos report studio (eg start date should be less than end date)

    srijib mandal

    • Aug 12th, 2018

    You can use date range prompt if you need it in prompt page, in filter you can convert to timestamp and then compare


    Not able to store the data in my database

    Hello Folks, Hope all doing good. I have been working for a company where they provide online classes for different technologies. My question is whenever we try to send a data into the database it shows that the info has been added successfully but, While fetching it says results no found. Kindly give me a solution for this. Thanks


    Object inheritance

    Which is ( are ) correct about object inheritance 1. Rights set at global level inherit rights set at folder level 2. Top level folders inherit rights set at folder level. 3. Object inherit rights from the parent folder 4. Rights Inherited from the parent folder override explicit rights set at object level.


    Scenario Question

    A user has logged into his Gmail Account (Inbox), write test cases for security testing.


    Career change from Manual Tester to Data Science

    Hey Team, I am currently working as a manual tester since 3 years. Planning to pursue data science course and proceed in this career. How correct is it? As I am afraid that as a data science I will be a fresher so will I get job offers?


    MS In Germany Or JOB

    Hello Mam, I am harshvardhan patil, mechanical design engineer having up to 5 years of experience in relative field and i completed B1 German language level. I would like to know from you , right now what i prefer most do job in Germany or MS in Germany? or any other suitable options for me . i am very eagerly waiting for your kind suggestion. Thank you in Advance.


    Floor Casting

    Hi Experts, I have to write the below floor function in reformat. Floor(dp.lcl_Prod_cd/10) The source column data type is string as shown {utf8 string("x01") lcl_prod_cd}, here column name is "lcl_Prod_cd ". now i have to apply the floor function on this like "Floor(dp.lcl_Prod_cd/10)". i was tried in different ways like i was changed target dml to decimal and tried as shown below. it is throwing...

    • Jul 4th, 2018

    Hi Maheswari,
    Can you please post the exact error. If it is type casting problem means you should convert input string value to decimal and then to integer, then it will work.

    Let me know if am wrong.


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