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    Create Delta File in JCL

    I need to create delta file for a daily feed please let me know how to do it. even if there is a single character change in new file the new record should replace the old one. consider first 5 characters as a key parameter example: file-1 12345 abc dat1 12346 def dat2 12347 5ab ddd4 file-2 12345 abc dat1 --> same in both so no need of this record 12346 bbb dat2 --> minor changes in file-2 so...


    Testing Modularity of Cameras

    How would you validate the new software release that has to support all possible module configurations for front and rear camera? what types of tests you would use to address them. In particular on which configurations, and why those tests.


    Pentaho to Android

    Team, I have developed the report in Pentaho and I want to download all the reports in my Android application that is already present on Play store... I want that when I go to Sales tab of that Application, my Pentaho report that I developed in Pentaho report designer should get downloaded. we have an Android developer with us.but someone can give me an idea to do that


    Test Scenario MS Excel

    Manual testing scenarios to edit, delete, file upload and file download function in MS Excel sheet.


    Do leave hours considered in effort variance calculation?

    I have a generic query related to Effort Variance. The formula says ((Planned Effort - Actual Effort) / Planned Effort)*100. So here if a resource had taken leave for 2 working days, do we consider that leave duration in Actual Effort or the calculation should exclude the leave hours?


    Cube Painted Surface

    A large cube is painted green on two of its opposite surfaces and then cut into 125 identical parts. How many cubes will not have colour on them?


    Recommended Testing type

    What could be possible Testing type where project has just started and tester is testing (Manual Testing) modules (Only the part completed) and developer still working on other functionalities of that module


    Infected Hard Disk Drive

    How to backup data from corrupted or not detected HDD? Conditions: 1) While HDD is connected to CPU it shows Blue Screen. 2) While HDD is connected as a Secondary HDD still shows Blue Screen. 3) While HDD is Connected after starting Computer, Still it does not detected.

Updated Interview Questions


    Cube Color

    There is a cube in which one pair of opposite faces is painted red; another pair of opposite faces is painted blue and the third pair of opposite faces is painted pink. This cube is now cut into 216 smaller but identical cubes. 12. How many small cubes will be there with no red paint at all? (A) 121 (B) 144 (C) 169 (D) 100 13. How many small cubes will be there with at least two different colours on...


    • Aug 18th, 2017

    216 small cubes means assume each small cube having 1cm length. 12. small cubes without red=216-(8 cubes having 3 colors+red is with 8 edges *4+16*2) =216-8-32-32=144 13. at least 2 face colors =...


    Cube Edge Ratio

    A cube has a volume of 128 cubic cm. It is divided into 8 equal cubes. Find the ratio of edge of smaller cube to the edge of original cube


    • Aug 20th, 2017

    Vol of large cube = 128
    vol of smaller cube = 128/8
    ratio of vol = 128/8 : 128 = 1:8
    ratio of size = (1:8)^(1/3) = 1:2


    • Aug 19th, 2017

    1 : 2
    side of the large cube = 128 ^ (1/3) = 4 * [2^(1/3)]
    volume of the small cube = 128 / 8 = 16
    side of the small cube = 16 ^ (1/3) = 2 * [2^(1/3)]
    Ratio of the edge of the small cube to that of the large cube = 2 * [2^(1/3)] : 4 * [2^(1/3)] = 1 : 2


    Generate no.between 32 to 99

    Consider the following number 45*45=2025 and 20+25=45. Write a program to generate no.between 32 to 99 that satisfy the above problem.

    gyanendra verma

    • Aug 20th, 2017

    "c #include void main() { int n1,n2,i,temp,b,j,c,check,count=0,a[4]; clrscr(); printf("enter starting number: "); scanf("%d",&n1); //n1=32 printf("enter ending number: "); ...


    • Apr 5th, 2017

    Basically the same, but in node :)

    1. var desired = [];
    2. for(var i = 32; i <= 99; i++) {
    4.   var value = i * i;
    5.   var split1 = parseInt(value / 100);
    6.   var split0 = value % 100;
    7.   if(split1 + split0 == i) {
    8.     desired.push(i);
    9.   }
    10. }
    12. console.log("Desired values: " + desired);


    What is the procedure of Accounts Payables process cycle(From starting to end) in BPO ?

    Vijendra Bilimaga Nagaraju

    • Aug 18th, 2017

    P2P Cycle stats with - 1. Identification of Requirement 2. Authorization of Purchase request - either approved or denied 3. Final Approval of Purchase request - sent to Inventory controller to ...


    • Jun 28th, 2017

    Accounts Payable or Procure to pay 1. Budget & planning 2. Purchase requisition and get the approval on the internal 3. Select the Vendor 4. Create a purchase order (SCM) Supply chain management 5. S...


    Find out the Number of Wrong Answers given by Candidate

    In an exam each correct answers score 5 marks and each wrong answers reduces 2 marks. A candidate got 24 marks by answering 12 questions correctly. If he attempted all the questions, how many answers were wrong? (Provide the detailed steps also) Options: a) 12 b) 18 c) 14 d) 20


    • Aug 18th, 2017

    Each correct carry 5 marks, and wrong carries -2 marks.
    Number of question with correct answer = x
    Number of questions is wrong = y
    Total score in the exam = 5*x-2*y =r

    As per data, x=12, y=?, r=24


    • May 24th, 2017

    5*12 - 2y = 24, 60-24 = 2y , y = 18


    What is the difference between physical address and logical address?

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    Answered by: kalyan raghavan

    • Jan 23rd, 2006

    A Physical address is a 48-bit flat address burned into the ROM of the NIC card which is a Layer1 device of the OSI model. This iis divided into 24-bit vendor code and 24-bit serial address. This is unique for each system and cannot be changed.

    A Logical address is a 32- bit address assigned to each system in a network. This works in Layer-3 of OSI Model. This would be generally the IP address.

    paras gautam

    • Aug 19th, 2017

    A logical address is a 32 bit address which is also called ip address and it is used to uniquely identify a device on a network where physical address is also Media Access Control address it is 48 bit address every device in a network has its own unique MAC address


    • Dec 14th, 2016

    A physical address is a 48-bit flat address burned into the ROM of the NIC card which is a layer1 device of the OSI model. This is divided into 24-bit vendor code and 24-bit serial addtess. This is u...


    The girl's age is twice that of boy, if the boy is four years old. After four years the age of the girl is

    12 years

    Sameer kumar

    • Aug 20th, 2017

    Boys age = x years
    girls age = twice (boys age) = 2x years
    as given boysage = 4 years i.e. x=4
    girls age = 2 x 4 = 8 years
    girls age after 4 years = 8 + 4 = 12 years


    • Jul 25th, 2017

    If one side of small cube = x cm
    then 8(x^3) = 128
    it means (2^3)(x^3)=3/128
    so 2x =3/128
    it means 2x = one side of a big cube
    small cube/big cube = 1/2 =0.5


    What is the difference between entity and attribute?

    To put the definition of an entity is an entity is a single person, place, or thing about which data can be stored. That is in other words for example when one wants to store information about STUDENT then it has details like studentno, student name, address for communication, phone number, class of the student and so on. All of these details together is placed in the entity or table called as STUDENT....


    • Aug 18th, 2017

    Difference between entity and attributes
    entity is the table name
    attribute is the column name of the table


    • May 2nd, 2016

    Simple is that "if man is an entity the the properties of the man is called attributes... may be many man have same properties and its some have different... So different entities should be have same and different attributes.


    2 batsman are on 94. 2 balls remaining and 7 runs to win. both batsman make 100 & win the match.

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    Answered by: balaji

    • Apr 12th, 2007

    one batsman hit the ball and going for single and because of continious over throw he got 6 runs and got out while going for 7. so he is out for 100. the team need one run to win.
    the new batsman come in at the non striker end and the other batsman hit 6 and get the hundred.

    Subhankar singha

    • Aug 18th, 2017

    The batsman hit the ball, the keeper missed it and touched his helmet,the batsman got 5 runs as penalty and moved to 99, next ball he took a single and made century, with one run needed the other man also hit a six in the last ball to complete his century, and the team won.


    • Jul 16th, 2017

    Bowler throws a no ball and the batsman hit the boundary(4), means he scored 5 runs. Now they still have 2 balls left, on 1 ball batsman took single and on another one, other batsman hits a 6, both scored 100 and team won

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