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    How would you describe yourself as a person?

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    • Member Since Sep-2005 | Apr 3rd, 2011

    "Describe yourself!", This question is almost invariably asked in the majority of interviews, and just as invariably answered dismally! What does one say and why do we always seem so flustered by the question? Because we have always been taught by our parents and respected elders not to boast or talk about ourselves.

    With a childhood full of such repressive advice, its not surprising that the majority of us begin the answer with a stammer and a blush, almost instantly changing from flash to foolish and ruining our chances of employment.

    So what do we say? Frankly, just answer the question as it comes. Most disconcerted candidates dread this question and begin with a silly "Basically, my name is ...". Why don't we realize that our CV is there right in front of the interviewer, and he knows this already.

    By repeating the stuff that fills our CV, we just demonstrate that we are an 'in-the-box' kind of person, with little if any skill in innovation and presentation.

    Actually, a question of this kind is an ideal way to plug in everything we want to say about ourselves that we had leave out of the CV. If you have attended a premier institution, say that the institution taught you much more than the degree it awarded you, mention people who influenced you, talk about the books you like reading, your hobbies and your other interests.

    Talk about your strengths; perhaps mention an instance when you used your conflict resolution skills or selling skills or whatever. But make certain that it does not sound like blowing your trumpet. Mention these instances as learning.

    Tall about your weaknesses, but make sure that they are 'positive' weaknesses. For instance you could say that that you sometimes pay more attention to detail than is warranted. You can openly confess a tendency to be impatient with team members who cannot carry their own weight, or who cannot contribute sufficiently.

    But first, think today what you want to say and practice. Remember, if you hesitate about yourself, your interviewers will doubt whether you fit their bill of requirements. After all, if you don't know about you, who does?

    How to describe yourself

    Nadeem Aslam

    • Mar 21st, 2017

    As a joke yet a very informational elevator speech I always love to say "Hello my name is Nadeem Aslam I am a student of..... I play cricket, football and if you want to know anymore unnecessary info...

    Arlyn Abarillo

    • Nov 27th, 2016

    Hi, I am Arlyn and as I describe myself I am an ambitious, kind, and doing things that can be good to others, I know how dealing people rich or poor, and most I am a fun loving person.


    What is RTM? How is it useful in testing?


    • Mar 21st, 2017

    Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) captures all requirements proposed by client or development team. Used to check all testcases are covered, so that no functionality should miss.

    Satish Kuma V

    • Aug 29th, 2016

    Resource Track Monitoring.


    What are the input documents that you consider during the construction of the test cases?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Dec 10th, 2009

    Q:  What are the input documents that you consider during the construction of test cases?

    1) Business Requirements Document or 
        Functional Requirements Document  
    2) Technical Specifications Document
    3) Application Work-Flow Diagrams
    4) Application Wireframes
    5) Application Mockups
    6) System Architectural Diagrams
    7) Compatibility Matrix
    8) Test Plan


    • Mar 22nd, 2017

    Input documents that you consider during the construction of the test cases should include: What do you want to tell what he explained and What you are talking about?


    • Aug 13th, 2015

    Unit Testing: I/p Doc-> SVP(S/w Verification Plan & Design Document) O/p Doc-> SVCP and Result Files


    What are the advantages and disadvantages of View?

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    Answered by: Mohan

    • Jun 2nd, 2006


    Advantages of views:

    1. View the data without storing the data into the object.

    2. Restict the view of a table i.e. can hide some of columns in the tables.

    3. Join two or more tables and show it as one object to user.

    4. Restict the access of a table so that nobody can insert the rows into the table.


    1. Can not use DML operations on this.

    2. When table is dropped view becomes inactive.. it depends on the table objects.

    3. It is an object, so it occupies space.

    Pls. add , if I miss any of them.




    • Mar 21st, 2017

    We can use DML operation on views also, which will reflect on base table.


    • Nov 29th, 2016

    VIEW is logical table
    It is restricted to not allow data insertion.
    When sub-query is JOIN then VIEW are not updated.


    What are the key attributes of a Test case?

    Vijaykumar hc

    • Jun 27th, 2016

    Defect id
    steps to reproduce
    expected result
    actual result
    open date
    assigned to
    "Resolved By
    Closed Date By Developer
    QA remarks
    Remarks By Developer
    Reopened Count by QA
    Closed Date By QA
    Browser Type


    Identify target database

    How do you identify what are the all the target databases that are being backed-up with RMAN database?


    • Mar 21st, 2017

    Connect to Target and list backup


    • Apr 21st, 2015

    List db_unique_name all;


    Write test case for adding beneficiary to an account

    How will you confirm the added beneficiary manually by yourself while testing. Outline the steps

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