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  • What are the possible test cases for railway reservation system?

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    Akki core3  

    • Member Since May-2010 | May 16th, 2010

    Test cases contains:

    1. GUI testing
    2. Navigation testing
    3. Functional testing
    4. Non functional testing (Performance Security)
    5. Data validation testing
    6. Negative testing
    7. Data Base Testing

    Test cases for Railway Registration:
    1. Check whether there is a train for your destination.
    2. Check the availability of seats on the required date.
    3. Check whether the available seats for required coach that is A/c or Sleeper coaches.

    Test Scenario: Train search with all route stations
    1. Enter source and destination codes or source and  destination corresponding trains are displaying or not
    2. Enter train number and date source and destination with all stations are displaying or not
    Scenario: check avaliablity of seats for required date
    1. Search seats for Ac ,sleeper ,seat
    2. Check upper middle ,lower births
    3. Ticket fare for corresponding criteria
      Booking :
      Book the tickets with corresponding criteria
      by cash or card
      any concetion for senior citizen fi applicable

    Print the ticket
    same for cancelation of ticket

    1. Check whether you have money.
    2. Check the train is available & you have to go to the same destination.
    3. Check working hrs of booking office

    Step1: Verify there is a train available to the destination.
    Step2: Verify the seats are available on the particular date.
    Step3: Verify the seats available of the coaches like sitting or berth and check the fare of the particular system.

    Sohail Javed Tamboli

    • Jan 7th, 2021

    1) To Check Whether The Train Is Available Or Not
    2) To Check Whether The Seat Is Available Or Not


    • Oct 12th, 2011

    1) To check whether the train stops at our source and destination stations 2) Check the timings and the date when the train is available 3) To check if there are seats available 4) Check the class you...