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  • Bug in Production Environment

    If a bug is not found in the testing environment and found in production environment, How will you deal with it?

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    • Member Since Dec-2009 | Jan 13th, 2010

    We need to check 1st whether it was within our testing scope or not. If Yes then we have to do a RCA ( Root Cause Analysis). RCA report must be delivered to all the stake holders. 


    • Jun 28th, 2015

    If the defect that has occurred is part of test requirement than check for below points: - Try to re-produce same defect on testing environment, to make sure we have not missed it. - Check with the...

    Torsten Zelger

    • Nov 18th, 2014

    Check your regression test suite whether it contains a scenario that could have detected the issue before it went to production. If yes, find out why it was not executed and give it a higher priority ...

  • Test a Coffee Cup

    What test cases would you write when testing a coffee cup?

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    • Member Since Dec-2009 | Jan 2nd, 2010

    Ask your interviewer for the coffee cup requirement. A tester should have a knowledge the customer requirement and according to the requirement tester will derive the test cases for the testing. But If the Interviewer is unable to give you any requirement then you can go with below test cases - 

    - Volume of the coffee cup ? [ functional ]
    - Weight of coffee cup ? [ functional ]
    - Upper surface area of the coffee Cup ? [ functional ] 
    - With handle without handle ? [ functional ] 
    - Grip of the cup ? [ functional ] 
    - Any Leakage ?  [ functional ] 
    - How long that cup will keep the coffee in required temperature ? [Stability] 
    - Reusable ?  [ functional ]
    - Breakable / Unbreakable ?  [ functional ]
    - Can is cup stands properly in jerking condition ? how much force required to make the cup down ?  

    - Color of the coffee cup ? [ UI ]
    - Grip of the cup ? [ UI ]
    - how essay to sip the coffee brew ? [UI]
    - How easy to clean the cup ? [ UI ]

  • Exploratory Testing

    Where does Exploratory Testing Fit? What are the Pros and Cons in Exploratory Testing?


    • Jan 6th, 2011

    Exploratory testing comes in picture due to lack of documentation. When there is no availability of documentation then testing team depends on similar project browsing, contacts with customer site pe...