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Accenture Campus Placement GD topics

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Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 7th, 2006
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Answered On : Sep 24th, 2006

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Hello to all,I came 2 know sm gd topics of Accenture....These r.........1) Google Vs Microsoft2) Women r better manager?3) Technology: boon or bane4) Performance of India in HockyRest I don't know ..If anyone know more, plz share with us all d best 2 all

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Pradeep bisht

Answered On : Sep 26th, 2006

hi even i dont have the dates for GD and intervw and i appeared in chitakara institute panjab for the written test.if u find any GD topic then revert me backbiPradeep

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Answered On : Oct 11th, 2006

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hi, hope ur interview has been finished...can u tell me the gd topics ...becose i will be having an interview at kerala...kindy reply me plzz

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Answered On : Oct 12th, 2006

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Answered On : Nov 17th, 2012

Need good topics

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