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Hello to all,

I came 2 know sm gd topics of Accenture....

These r.........

1) Google Vs Microsoft

2) Women r better manager?

3) Technology: boon or bane

4) Performance of India in Hocky

Rest I don't know ..

If anyone know more, plz share with us

 all d best 2 all

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Pradeep bisht

  • Sep 26th, 2006


even i dont have the dates for GD and intervw and i appeared in chitakara institute panjab for the written test.if u find any GD topic then revert me back



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hope ur interview has been finished...

can u tell me the gd topics ...becose i will be having an interview at kerala...

kindy reply me plzz

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  • Oct 12th, 2006

hi all

Here are more GD topics for Accenture

Pink vs Blue

Should India spend more on defence or?IT


  • Nov 17th, 2012

need good topics

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Group Discussion is the activity through which exchange of ideas and related opinion takes place for a particular topic. Now a day’s most of the companies are giving preference to make GD as their first choice before the personnel interviews. General GD Topics that may be asked at the time of interview are

1) Engineers Joining Management Is A National Waste
2) The Giant called Internet
3) Education v/s Literacy,,,etc

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  • Feb 4th, 2015

Technology is most important one in the world...traffic signal is mainly one of the road crossing...the people can easily crossing from one place to another..because technology is the most important one

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