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How to raise defect ?

Asked By: kuldeepc08 | Asked On: May 10th, 2012

How tp raise defect for for I am feeling lucky button on google page if button not appear on the page?

Answered by: Gargi Mishra on: Oct 9th, 2014

We should raise a defect giving the following: 1. Defect description 2. Steps for creating the defect along with necessary snapshots, Test data 3. Environment where defect is found 4. Priority and se...

What are latent bugs?

Asked By: jainbrijesh | Asked On: Oct 19th, 2006

Answered by: sri on: Sep 9th, 2014

Bug which is not identified in previous versions

Answered by: durjan singh on: Feb 13th, 2013

The bug exist in application from long time that kind of bug is called latent bug.

It will affect later when the condition or testing environment will change .

If the customer requirements are changing continuously as a tester how you are going to manage the situation?Suppose you have prepared test cases but still some more time is required to receive the build...

Asked By: venki_k_msc | Asked On: Apr 19th, 2007

Answered by: Oksana on: Sep 5th, 2014

I will say the customer that it would too expensive for him if he would still change the requirements))

Answered by: mithr17 on: Oct 31st, 2011

Welcome to Agile testing!

/sorry you are throwing different things into the mix - test cases, bugs. Can you be more elaborate and clear so that other people who are interested in knowing the question and answers can understand things clearly.

What is the difference between a bug and a defect?

Asked By: junejacz | Asked On: Oct 20th, 2005

Answered by: Dinesh on: Sep 3rd, 2014

Defect means deviation from requirement and specification
bug means informal name of defect

Answered by: Breddy on: Jul 23rd, 2014

Defect means: Expected behavior is not matching with the actual result of that software is called defect. In other words deviation from customer expectations is called Defect Bug: Tester while doing t...

Defect rejection

Asked By: tester582 | Asked On: Jan 7th, 2011

What will you do when developer rejects your defect?

Answered by: B reddy on: Jul 23rd, 2014

If the raised defect is not related to that developer he will reject the defect.

Answered by: Prabhu Prasad Mishra on: Apr 14th, 2014

As a tester I would try to replicate the issue (and if issue still exists), then, take screen shots, give reference to the software requirement specification document to the bug, give a unique ID to t...

When priority and severity is opposite then which one required to solved first?

Asked By: Pavan Ahmedabad | Asked On: Aug 29th, 2013

Bug number 1=severity 1 & priority 3, bug number 2=severity 3 & priority 1, (high=1,medium=2,low=3)

Answered by: B REDDY on: Jul 23rd, 2014

Severity means how serious is the issue(Ex: One application everything is there login and password. But click option is not enable. This is the severity of the issue Priority: Means based on the prio...

Answered by: Niyati on: Sep 16th, 2013

I Disagree with this, that only Priority part is affect to business.

Bug density

Asked By: balkrishna sethi | Asked On: Oct 31st, 2012

What is bug density..???

Answered by: Dhinesh on: Jul 4th, 2014

Defect Density is the number of confirmed defects detected in software/component during a defined period of development/operation divided by the size of the software/component.

Answered by: Hemant on: Dec 14th, 2012

Bug density is Number of bugs found per module or in project.

What is defect life cycle in manual testing?

Asked By: Deepa | Asked On: Jun 7th, 2006

Answered by: Prabhu Prasad Mishra on: Apr 14th, 2014

Defect Life Cycle- Bug Found--> Status(New)-->Assigned to Developer--> Status(Review)--> Valid?--> No(Status(Rejected))-->If Yes (Verify defect is within scope)--> No(Status(Deferred))--> If Yes (Veri...

Answered by: amol on: Jan 16th, 2014

Defect life cycle starts when defect is found and ends when defect is closed. Defect life cycle following steps or status- New-When defect is logged/Posted for the first time.Its state given as new. ...

Bug status

Asked By: soniya2484 | Asked On: Jun 10th, 2008

What more status can you give to a test case other than pass, fail, not run & blocked?

Answered by: Venkataramana on: Jun 11th, 2013

Below are the statuses in JIRA tool...

In Progress
Cannot Reproduce
Wont Fix
OPENED Change Request

Answered by: Prathyusha on: Nov 2nd, 2011


What is test summary report ? What are its contents, its format and fields

Asked By: pradeepk | Asked On: Apr 17th, 2007

Answered by: vijayapallapothu on: Apr 4th, 2013

In Summary report we also need to mention the details of functionality (that is new or existing features). Platforms on which testing is being carried on. Platforms may include hardware and software ...

Answered by: vk1978 on: Apr 8th, 2009

Test summary report gives the status of Testing that we have done on a build that might be since last release or since last week. Test summary report contains information like Build release Nu...

Is it possible to have a defect with high severity and low priority and vice-versa i.E high priority and low severity?Justify,if possible?

Asked By: raghuramsuravarapu | Asked On: Jun 10th, 2006

Answered by: Deepak on: Jul 30th, 2012

Priority means urgency to fix defect (As business affected) Severity means Impact of defect in other functionality (Functional impact) Lets see an example: If there is spell mistake in name of any we...

Answered by: rohit9625 on: Oct 21st, 2011

Yes definitely if the bug is of high severity it needs to be fixed even if has low priority if the end user will find it will cost huge for company and can also effect on company status

Whats the difference between usecase,testcase,testplan,and scenario and their templates.

Asked By: sravanthi naidu | Asked On: Nov 18th, 2005

Answered by: sushma srihari on: May 23rd, 2012

Use Case :use case is a document which explains the purpose and use of a particular functionality in the way the end user use the functionality in business. Test Case :Test cases are the set of cond...

Answered by: srinivasulub1981 on: May 20th, 2009

Usecase: Usecase is prepared by BA in the Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) which are nothing but a steps which are given by the customer.TestCase: It is prepared by the Test Engineer based o...

Remove duplicate bugs

Asked By: subbareddy | Asked On: Oct 16th, 2007

If at all 3 testers of a teem found same defect how to remove duplicate bugs

Answered by: Suma on: Apr 22nd, 2012

First of all we should not raise the defects again, which already raised by other tester. Before raising any defect we should check other defects in that particular module, release is any other tester...

Answered by: vlaxmanrao on: Oct 29th, 2011

Before submitting the bug in defect tracking tool, check the whether same defect is submitted other person in defect tracking tool ,this is one way of remove duplicate bugs or Before submitting t...

How to convince the interviewer for "how many bugs in ur project?"

Asked By: Dhannjay | Asked On: Sep 24th, 2006

How many bugs in ur project? What will the correct answer of this question, how we convince the interviewer regarding numbers of bugs

Answered by: Suma on: Apr 21st, 2012

When we are working on new functionality of the application, obviously we will get more defects. We can't say particularly these many numbers, that depends on developers and complexity of the project,...

Answered by: ntirukku on: Mar 4th, 2012

It is very common question that Interviewer can ask..before answer to this question we should clarify what type of defects that interviewer asking? defects can be product defects and process defects t...

Duplicate bugs

Asked By: rk_pradheep | Asked On: Nov 30th, 2007

Explain what a duplicate bug is ?

Answered by: shivam on: Jan 5th, 2012

Duplicate bug -> is that bug which has already been reported and functionality is same as the reported one.
but sometimes developer also treat the bug occurred in different scenarios as duplicate bug, but it is different because there steps reproduction is different.

Answered by: mfsi_chinmayb on: Jan 4th, 2012

Hi Duplicate bug can be termed as following issues: *It can be like same defect we found in different scenario or attempt and reporting them in the bug tracking tool with different bug id.It might c...

What is difference between bug and defect ?

Asked By: GPPRAKASH51 | Asked On: Sep 18th, 2011

Answered by: priti on: Dec 28th, 2011

Bug: Bug is a fault in a program or application which is found when the actual result diverts from the expected result.

Defect: A flaw in a component or system which causes the component or system to fail to perform its required function. e.g. an incorrect statement or data definition.

Answered by: nitesh484 on: Dec 27th, 2011

Logically both are same.

Suppose a bug was found by the customer, as a testing what is your comments on this issue?

Asked By: avssri | Asked On: May 13th, 2007

Answered by: thebobblogs on: Nov 20th, 2011

Review the bug to see the root cause. Then, plan and do preventive action.

Answered by: thebobblogs on: Nov 20th, 2011

Review and analyze that bug. If testers are missing, we should consider what is the gap and see how to prevent it.

Remote execution of selenium scripts

Asked By: Saurabh Sharma | Asked On: Nov 13th, 2011

I want to execute my test case scripts kept in quality center test plan on my local machine to be executed on a different machine which only have the qc ota client using runmanager on c#. How can I transfer my test data and the other information on that remote machine through qc for the execution process...

How is traceability of bug follow?

Asked By: k.k.kishore | Asked On: Dec 20th, 2005

Answered by: prathyusha on: Nov 2nd, 2011

It is adoc ensure that each and every low level req holds a minimum of at least one single test case

The flow of Traceability Matrix>Module name->high level req->low level req->req id->date of creation->revised by->test cases->author name->attachments->test scripts->defects

Answered by: srinivasulub1981 on: May 20th, 2009

We can trace the bugs using above said ways, but most of the cases we followed the test case document ie just leave all the cases which are passed, logged the defects which are failed.

Describe error handling in the frd

Asked By: katepinch | Asked On: Nov 21st, 2005

Answered by: mithr17 on: Nov 3rd, 2011

@ sudhakar2068 I see that you had copy/pasted the content from else where. If it is your own paper, a link to that paper would be appreciated. Perhaps, we all can read it BUT, but if the paper isn'...

Answered by: mithr17 on: Oct 31st, 2011

FRD : functional requirements document Error handling means application should throw error messages when user forget to enter data in some fields; or user enters wrong data. Example: user enters wron...

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