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Defect Rejection

What will you do when developer rejects your defect?
Asked by: tester582 | Member Since Sep-2008 | Asked on: Jan 7th, 2011

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Ravi raj

Answered On : Feb 11th, 2011

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When devloper Reject the difect fisrt we need to know cause of the rejection.In Quality Center or Test Director Developer will update his comments with proper justification,if you found there is a gap from devloper  to tester then you need to provide the Valid screen prints of the defect.Even if devteam team is not accepting then you can involve the SA and BA team and take the confirmation on the defect.

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Answered On : Feb 21st, 2011

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When a developer rejects a defect then we (testers) have to check on which reason he rejected the defect.The developer may reject the bug if it is "Non Repro" or  "Known issue"  or "Duplicate " or if it is according to requirements or if it is not a valid bug.1. If status he mention is  "Non Repro" , then we have to add sufficient repro steps about that defect in defect tracking tool.In case he doesnot satisfied we have to repro in presence of developer in test machine.Even though he not satisfied then we have move the issue to our Lead.

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Answered On : Nov 2nd, 2011

1.if the T.E understand the req wrongly and have this issue is communicated with

ex:the req is 1+1=2 but the t.e understand 1+1=11.

2. if the dev understand the req(defect) wrongly and have this issue is communicated to T.E

in these situations the T.E provide the following details

1.the t.e need to provide BUILD DETAILS.

2.the t.e need to provide envi.detials

3.he provide screen shots
4.he provide log files

5.the appropriate testing data need to provide.

6.the t.e try with another comp.and he report to developer.

7.web conference/video conference

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Anila Philip

Answered On : Oct 3rd, 2012

-> Shows the defect directly and ask the reason for rejection, If we get satisfied reply the testers can close the bug other wise will Reopen and Reassign the bug to corresponding Project leader

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Answered On : Nov 26th, 2013

Developer generally reject a bug,when,he find that,the bug is not genuine.

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Answered On : Jan 28th, 2014

Bug is a deviation from the expected result
Defect is is the problem with internal core of the application and requires full attention

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Prabhu Prasad Mishra

Answered On : Apr 14th, 2014

As a tester I would try to replicate the issue (and if issue still exists), then, take screen shots, give reference to the software requirement specification document to the bug, give a unique ID to the bug, give a detailed description of the bug, and write the test steps for the scenario for which the issue raised.

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B reddy

Answered On : Jul 23rd, 2014

If the raised defect is not related to that developer he will reject the defect.

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