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If at all 3 testers of a teem found same defect how to remove duplicate bugs

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  • Oct 19th, 2007

There is no one simple answer to this question. This has been a painful issue throughout many projects.

Managing duplicate defects depends on the efficient coordination established within the team. Regular team meetings/calls during test execution phase identify any such instances and can be avoided even before other teams notice this. Secondary approach is to ensure that the delegation of test execution is done in such a way that no people in the team work on testing same or similar functionality.

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See.... we cannot test same test cases in 3 testers. right.

Suppose tester did same test cases and produced 3 defects.
In this case we can reject 2 defects as a duplicate and mentioned External TIL refference number field.


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In normal scenario, the defects are assigned to the test lead / development lead....He will be taking care of the duplicates... he goes through each and every defect before assining the same to any of the developer/programmer... he will have a good knowledge of the defects and if he finds that the defect has already occured he will mark it as duplicate and will send it back to the tester with refering to the existing defect number....

Narin Kamuni

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Hello All

  Assiging the same test cases to 3 testers is possible in my project, i feel it's totally 3 depends on project, mine is product which cotains diff clients but same files... so there is a chance to raise the duplicate issues...


  Coming to deletion, if it's excel sheet then tester/lead can remove the issues or else if it;s a defect tracker, test lead can close or delete the issues, we can intimate the same to client if reported to him.




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in one of my project, we had 5 modules and 5 tester, the defect was realted to date functionality, that was identified in 5 modules and raised by 5 tester's under their modules but the function for the date functionality was one and developed by a single developer, so developer has accepted the first defect and changed status of remaining defects to Duplicate and closed forcefully.

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This process varies between companies and projects.  Nevertheless, this is one good reason to have bug triage.  Facilitate a triage meeting with expert members who can help isolate and eliminate duplicate bugs.  Typically the first defect is remains 'Open' while the others are 'Closed'.  It is sometimes necessary to copy information of value from the 'Closed' reports to the 'Open' report. 


  • Jun 12th, 2010

One of the way to deal with duplicate bugs is to use specialized tools that help testers identify the duplicate issue before it is reported.

For example if you use Atlassian JIRA for bug tracking there is a tool called SuggestiMate for JIRA which is capable of finding duplicate bugs and showing them to you before you actually create a new bug.

This can really improve your productivity.


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For this problem, when we are developing the reports, we have to place all the related reports in one category so that whenever anyone do changes in 1 report, it will reflect in all other reports.

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  • Sep 24th, 2011

No buddy... this is not right answer. In service based company it may be true but In product base companies there is no position like team lead or development lead. There if you raise a bug then automatically it reaches to the concern developer so in that condition it is very difficult to avoid duplicate defect. Best approach is one person should test one feature then there will be no question for duplicate defect however If I am testing feature X and finds a bug which is more related to feature Y or some what related to feature Y also then I will contact to that tester who is testing feature Y and will confirm with him whether he is has already filed this defect or not ?

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  • Oct 21st, 2011

if test manager find the duplicate bug he will mark the bug which was reported by the 2 tester and comment it with duplicate with that bug id so it means it needs to fix and it is the same bug which 3 of tester found so no need to fix it separately

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  • Oct 29th, 2011

Before submitting the bug in defect tracking tool, check the whether same defect is submitted other person in defect tracking tool ,this is one way of remove duplicate bugs


Before submitting the defect in defect tracking tool, we must send defect to Test lead of project by mail , After the approving the defect ,we must submit defect the in defect tracking tool, this is one way of remove duplicate bugs

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  • Apr 22nd, 2012

First of all we should not raise the defects again, which already raised by other tester. Before raising any defect we should check other defects in that particular module, release is any other tester raised the same defects or not.
We can check similar defects in the defect module, or else you should consider Lead before raising new defect. If you find the same defect raised , which is already raised by other tester, what you should do is simply block particular scripts with defect id which is raised by other tester. You are not suppose to raise different defect for same cause. In case if you raise without knowing, developers will inform you, same kind of defect raised before, please close this new defect....Thank You

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  • Apr 20th, 2018

using peer-review... we can eliminate the duplicate bugs

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