What is Test Summary Report ? What are its contents, its format and fields

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  • Apr 18th, 2007

Test summary report gives the status of Testing by us,it is nothing but daily report regarding testing .
It consists of different columns based on the company.Some of the columns are
Test case field
No.of test cases executed
No.of pass
No.of fail
Pass percentage
Fail percentage

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  • Sep 25th, 2007

Test summary report defines the overall status of the test cases.
Overall testing status
Number of modules tested
Number of bugs identified

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  • Dec 1st, 2007

I agree with the answers of my co-posters, but I would like to add :
Sign-off the document. It is a must for any summary reports where approval/rjection of the participants has to been taken.

Also along with number of defects, you should also represent how many defects are still in open state if any. How many were high severity defects and so on.

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  • Dec 2nd, 2007

Test summary report gives the status of the testing efforts.
The contents included under the test report
total number of testcases
number of test cases executed
number of cases yet to be executed
number of pass cases
number of failed  cases
total number of bugs
status of bugs
number of bugs open,resolved ,closed
breakdown by severity and prirority
showstopper bugs

Test Summary Report is a overall view of Testing Process from start to end. Test Plan comes at the starting of project while Test Summary Report comes at the end of testing process. This report is given to the client for his understanding purpose.
    The Test Summary Report contents are :
    1.   Test Case ID
    2.   No. of resources
    3.   Passed Test Cases
    4.   Failed Test Cases
    5.   Status of Test Case

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Test summary report gives the status of Testing that we have done on a build
that might be since last release or since last week.

Test summary report contains information like

  • Build release Number

  • Build Release date

  • No of test cases that you are working on

  • No of test cases that you have executed since last build release

  • No of test cases executed

  • No of test cases not executed & Reason behind not execution of test cases

  • No of test cases passed

  • No of test cases failed


  • Apr 4th, 2013

In Summary report we also need to mention the details of functionality (that is new or existing features). Platforms on which testing is being carried on. Platforms may include hardware and software versions such as OS, browsers if web application, 3rd party tools used. Details of the test cases executed manually or via automated scripts using tools such as QTP.

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Components of a Test Summary Report

  • Feb 10th, 2016

You may want to add these components as part of a Test Summary Report ;-
Phase of Testing
Type of Testing
Test Plan Reference
Test Environment
Executive Summary (road blocks,deviations,issues if any)
Release / Build No:
Testcase Coverage (%)
Total # of Test Cases
No Run
Not Completed
Env & Test Data Non - Availability
Total # of Defects

Requirements Traceability
No Run
Not Completed
Not Covered
Total # of Requirements
% of Coverage
Tested/ Report Prepared By

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Prarthana Wahi Manchanda

  • Jul 13th, 2017

Test summary report is a formal document that summarizes the results of all testing efforts for a particular testing cycle of a project / module or a sub module. Generally, test leads or test managers prepare this document at the end of testing cycle.

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