Bug can be rejected or not if the basic issue is corrected and the secondary related issue is not the bug.

Actual functionality is - if user want to take the print then print check box should be checked otherwise print wont come if check box is not selected at the time of saving data.
BUG - Print of the saved data is coming even user did not select the print checkbox.
Developer correct the issue and release the bug. During regression testing bug found that print is not coming even if checkbox is checked. So reopen the same bug for this issue. but actually functionality was fine and print is not coming due to some printer issue.
So, the concern is now bug can be rejected or not because 1st issue has been corrected and reopen issue is not the bug.

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  • Feb 15th, 2017

Bug should not be rejected, because originally it was correct and was fixed. If you reject this bug even when related issue wasnt actually a bug, then the authenticity of the original issue is lost

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