How to select the correct bug type ?

Need description about " defect types " ? how to select the correct bug type ?
please i want more declarations about
Functionality Defect
Performance Issue
Undetermined Scenario
Usability Issue
User Interface Issue
to avoid taking incorrect type for each bug

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  • Feb 15th, 2015

I know some of the answers:

Functional defect is nothing but you find while you are doing functional testing

Performance issue nothing but while you do load/performance/stress testing. Ex: how long its taking to reach one web page to other web page

Usability issue: This will find in Manual testing and tester should look at application in detail and never skip any section. For example, gmail log in functionality: user able to find help links/buttons/registration for new user/forgot password/ forgot user name/ user able to read content on webpage/all text fields accepting data. simply How comfortable is developed application.

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