What are important items in test plan ?

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Test plan has
Introduction - Objectives
Test stratergy - System / performance / UAT etc
Test environment details
Items to be tested
Items not to be tested
Point of contacts and Responsibilties
Entry criteria
Exit criteria
Test Deliverables

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  • Oct 10th, 2015

1. Test Plan Document ID
2. Introduction
3. Naming the module as per features.
4. Which features should be tested
5. Which features should not test.
6. Approach (Strategy prepared by PO)
7. Test environment details
8. Testing entry criteria
9. Test deliverable report
10. Test exit criteria.
11. Suspension criteria
12. Staff and responsibility
13. Schedule
14. Risk analysis
15. Approval

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Amol Desai

  • Feb 3rd, 2017

Following points we are taking into the consideration while writing down the test plan.
Assumption and Test Approach
Entry Criteria
Exit Criteria
Resumption Criteria
Suspension Criteria
Risk and Mitigation
Resource and Responsibilities
Test Environment Set up
Training Requirements
Test Schedules

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Piyush Patwa

  • Nov 15th, 2017

1.1 Purpose of the Document
1.2 Scope of Software Test Plan
1.3 Acronyms and Definitions
2 Scope of Testing
2.1 Features Details
2.1.1 Features to be tested
2.1.2 Features not to be tested
2.2 Testing Approach
2.3 Testing Types
3 Test Environment
3.1 Hardwares
3.2 Software
3.3 Environmental Configuration
4 Entry Criteria
5 Exit Criteria
6 Risk Mitigation & Contingencies Plan
7 Defect Tracking & Defect Classification
8 Resource Management
9 Test Schedule

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