What is meant by P1 bug? any another similar bugs

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P1 bug is the  priority 1 bug that means without solving or fixing this bug the application can not continued. we rate the bugs based on the priority and siviority. p1, p2,p3,p4.
p1 bugs also called as showstopper bugs

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  • Feb 9th, 2007

priority may be given different names by diff companiessome call priority as p1,p2,p3,p4and in our company we use priority as 1. critical when the severity is fatalhigh when the severity is majorminor when the severity is mediumsuggestion when the severity is low

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  • Feb 11th, 2007

P1 bugs are the highest priority bugs, without fixing P1 bugs the product cannot be shipped.

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  • Feb 21st, 2007

P1 bug is a critical bug which needs an immediate fix without which the application can't continue functioning. P1 bug needs an immediate attention and needs to be fixed within 4 hours from the time it's been reported.

For example, let's consider a banking application. If the server is crashing for every 2 mins then it's a P1 bug.


  • Mar 13th, 2007

Priority means the order in which  the bug is fixed.Depending on the input of the user  defects which are most important to them ,therefore  should be fixed first.P1 is priority one defects which are high prority defects & should be fixed very soon before the product/build is to be released.

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P1 bug likely refers to a Priority 1 defect.  This is the highest priority that can be attached to a defect and this label indicates that the defect has crucial business ramifications and must be fixed immediately.  This could be something that does not impact the end-user but could still be damaging and/or costly to the company.

S1 bug is a Severity 1 defect.  This is the highest severity associated with defects and it tells us that the defect has a significantly negative impact on end-users.  This could be something that is quite severe but is not likely to occur.   

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P1 bug is a priority 1 bug which is also called as show stopper. P1 bugs are those bugs which needs to be resolved because the application cannot be proceeded for testing. P1 bugs status needs to be checked every hour and the tester should be in direct touch with the developer to resolve the bug as soon as available.

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  • Sep 4th, 2011

Bugs priorities will differ according to companies. In some companies they will have bugs priorities starts from p1-p3. In some other companies they will have up to p4.
Here is the answer for your question p1 bugs are the bugs will affect the functionality of the system. Just like the showstopper. I like to explain with example think you are using a online application in that application if log in itself not works then it is a p1 bug. If login is working fine but some menus are not working but affects a functionality then it is p2. If everything is working fine but one single is not working then it is p3.


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  • Jun 29th, 2015

P1: Blocker (Show Stopper )
P2: Critcal
P3: Major
P4: Minor
P5 : Trivial

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  • Oct 5th, 2017

P1- Blocker issues, for eg, Unable to install the app; P1 bug is the priority 1 bug that means without solving or fixing this bug the application cannot continue

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