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IF we enter correct username and incorrect password while login to yahoo mail account, why the error message displayed in "Invalid ID or Password" though I have entered correct ID?

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  • Nov 25th, 2014

we will get the error msg becoz,in the code error msg text is same for both the password and email id fields.

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pavan :)

  • Feb 17th, 2015

The error messages must be generic ... ex: it must not reveal that the username is correct kindly check for the password....


  • Jan 6th, 2016

It should error show message "The email and password you entered don't match"

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  • Jan 7th, 2016

"Invalid Credentials, try again"

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  • Jan 22nd, 2016

The answer to your question is security reason. Imagine an unknown person(Intruder) is randomly trying to enter username/ password for a user. If the system mention the error message as "Password is incorrect", the intruder will come to know that atleast he is having the correct user id. So he has atleast half of the valid credential and can try to hack into the user account by guessing the remaing half.
On the other hand, if the system displays error message as "Username/Password is incorrect" even though the Username is correct, then in this case the intruder will never know which part is incorrect - the username or password. So he has no information at all.
I hope it answers your query :)

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