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What is system Testing? Who will create test cases for System Testing?

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System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. In simpler words we can say system testing is testing the system in an end to end scenario.

System testing is falls in the scope of black box testing, and test engineer writes the test cases.


System testing is also called as end to end testing (just another terminology). It is a testing at were testing environment is similar to production environment(environment at were product will be used by the customers/users when product is launched), at were complete product is tested against its requirement.

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  • Dec 16th, 2010

The term System Testing speaks for itself. The "System" means that the subject of testing in the whole software solution .
System Functional Testing is verification of the system against behavioral and non‐behavioral product requirements. Behavioral (functional) requirements describe how system reacts to the user input or environment change. Non‐behavioral (non‐functional) requirements usually represent some property of the system, in contrary to behavioral requirements.

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   System Testing is also called as end to end teting. Here the testing is done from start of the requirement to end. The importance of system testing is it verifies the end to end scenario and also the interfaces between the various modules

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