Report Bugs in Manual Testing

How a tester report the bugs in manual testing?

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Ravi raj

  • Feb 11th, 2011

There is multiple options in Quality center/Test director for identifying the defetcs in defetcs tab.
1.Suppose if you want know the overall defects in QC/TD  just go to the defects tab with putting the filter condintion it will dispaly the all defects information then you can simply export all the defects to Excel sheet.

2.If you want know the status of Open/Retest/Fixed defects, we need to put filter condition then QC/TD will give the corresponding defects only then you export all the defects to XL.

3. if you dont want all the colums in the defects there is good feature in the QC/TD for selecting the Particular column information of the defect.

Ex: Defect number,Defect status,Detected by,assigned to,Detected date

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  • Feb 19th, 2011

Generally Bugs are reported with the help of Bug Tracking tools ( Like bugzilla, TeamTrack, Test Director ,Quality Centre or any other such tools)

You can also have your organization built in tools.

or you can use excel sheets also.

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  • Nov 2nd, 2011

All these kind of questions stem from not having real-time experience. Trust me when you join a company all these will vanish from your mind!

Manual or automation, you as QA have to log the bug.

It depends on the company you work for, or the client. Sometimes client want to have access to bugs, then QA team may be asked to log bugs in their bug tracking tool.

Sometimes companies are ignorant of bug tracking tool advantages and decide on using Excel tool to track bugs. It is one of the painful experiences! Then you open the excel file and follow the template.

If the company does have a bug tracking tool, you simple open the tool and click on the 'new bug' icon or, whatever it has, write steps to see the bugs (include all click and data entry actions you performed to get to the bugs), etc and click submit. Simple!

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