Important characteristics and abilities

What do you think are the most important characteristics and abilities a person must possess to be successful? How do you rate yourself in those areas?

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  • Dec 7th, 2011

Do not take this personally, I'm trying to make you think instead of giving you a tailored answer. I have prefer people coming up with answers instead of taking tailored answers on the face of it.

Let suppose you own a bank, what qualities would you look for in an employee, right from bank manager to security guard, to make profits, impress customers, and impress stakeholders.
Wouldn't the list include - punctual, honest, trustworthy, communication skills (customers needs to understand what the employee are taking) necessary skill set(it would be wrong to hire a cleaning lady for teller's job), thinking on their feet (no one can train you for every work situation, heck life doesn't!), quick learner etc.

Come up with a list and honestly rate yourself. Take this as an opportunity to sell your soft skills/strengths. I wouldn't include specific technical skills, instead I would just say technical skills if this is for a tech. job.

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