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In any form of interview such as that of a job interview procedure, it is normal process for an interviewer to ask the applicant to ask questions, if there are any. Since an interview is a two-way communication, both the interviewer and interviewee can exchange questions to each other. Yet, in a job interview process, the employer usually allows an applicant to ask for questions and give out comments or reactions after the whole question and answer portion is over. This is intended for a smooth flow of the interview.

As a job applicant, you want to show your interest and curiosity about the company you chose to apply. Aside from knowing company facts and information, one other way to show your interest is to ask questions if the interviewer gives you that opportunity to do so. You would rather grab that chance to ask the things that are on your mind than miss it. Yet, it is important to know the kind of questions you ought to ask.

Never Let the Chance Pass You By

Once the interviewer asks you if there are questions you wish to raise before the interview is over, do not hesitate to say ?Yes? and then ask your questions. Definitely, you will formulate questions in mind about other aspects of the company that you want to find out. For instance, you want to know if there are changes in shift schedules of the employees. Unless you ask the question, you will not know if they actually do.

Ask Only Job-Related Questions

A mark of a professional is someone who knows when to act and talk accordingly. Your questions must only revolve around the job per se and the company, nothing personal or outside of the scope. Moreover, be careful of sensitive or off-the-mark subjects for your questions.

Examples of these may be the salary figure, any office scandal, the percentage of employee resignation, and the like. You would rather ask questions such as the kind of company culture there is, flexibility in employees? shift schedules, possibility of traveling, and the type of employment offered (part-time, regular, or contractual). You can also learn more about the specific job position you are applying for.

Limit Your Questions to a Few

Only because you were given the chance to ask questions does not necessarily mean that you can take your time in doing so. Remember to keep a good etiquette especially in job interviews. Keep the number of questions only to a minimum. Three kinds of questions will do.

Also, you would know if the interviewer shows interest in you with the way he or she answers your question. Briefly answered responses, especially for open-ended questions, would probably signal a lack of interest. Always remember that these people may have other scheduled interviews with other applicants or they may have other tasks to do apart from it. Be quick in asking, and ask only the most important ones.

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  • Nov 28th, 2011

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N. Nageshwar

  • Mar 18th, 2013

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  • Dec 10th, 2013

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