Has anyone asked you for help? What did you do?

Part of measuring your personality or individual character is testing your ability to establish and keep good relations with people. Aside from that, the employer also wants to check your interpersonal skills or how you effectively deal with people. It is utterly important that an employee knows not only how to build good connections but also keep the relationship with work colleagues in a healthy state. If at the early stage of the hiring process the interviewer does not see that quality in you, your chances of getting the job will not be so good.

Be Realistic

Addressing this question is fairly easy. But you need to make sure to keep it real and truthful. You would not want to take ?None that I can think of? as an answer as it gives the impression that people find you difficult to be approached for help. Give a confident ?Yes? and then support it.

Of course, in many instances in your life you definitely have experienced being consulted for any kind of help. Regardless of whether the kind of help you have given is small or huge, it does not matter much as long as you have provided assistance to a person. In any case, the interviewer is not so interested in the kind of assistance there is but more focused on your manner of giving aid as it reflects the kind of person you are.

Keep the Humility

Every question asked by the interviewer is always your chance to market yourself as well as your competencies. A question like this can invite a boastful attitude for appearing like the ultimate aid of others. The better your story of helping out, the more impressive you will be perceived by the interviewer.

Although this may be true, you must keep the tone humble to be credible. You want your interviewer to think of you as someone who has no issues dealing with people. Jobseekers that have a soft character and can be easily approached for help are attractive to employers. The personality of an individual is very necessary when employers are in search of candidates to join their company.

Share Your Story with Gusto

Since the question has a follow-up that asks for the details of the story, sound more than willing to share your story to the interviewer. Mention first the kind of help that the person needed from you whether it is financial, need for advice, assistance on the workload, etc. Then briefly describe how you first acknowledged the help wanted before relaying how you aided the person.

Let the interviewer know what happened after you offered your help and how the person recognized your efforts to assist. You can end your response by stressing how good it is to be helping others and how fulfilling the feeling was when the person who approached you for help became appreciative of what you did. Keep the response positive and truthful.

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