How do you deal and overcome major challenges?

Was there a time when you had to deal with a major challenge? How did you overcome it?

Interview questions are targeted to help the interviewer know you better and find out if your skills and abilities would make you suitable for the job position that you are applying for. Even the most basic questions such as ?Tell me about yourself? can say a lot about you. For tough questions, answering them is not always easy unless you have planned ahead and prepared your answer well.

A Quick Overview

One of the tough questions that will most likely be asked during an interview would be about the challenges that came your way in your personal or professional life. Because it is normal and even common for organizations to meet and deal with challenges, they would certainly want to know if you have what it takes to handle such things. Additionally, talking about the biggest challenges that you successfully overcame is also your opportunity to tell your interviewer what a great person you are.

Making the Most Out of Your Answer

When picking a challenge to talk about, make sure that it is something that can really impress the interviewer. Do not talk of simple challenges that people deal with almost everyday but instead, talk about something that will really give you the chance to blow your own trumpet. It could be about how you were able to convince your boss to spend $50,000 on a project, or how you were able to win the loyalty of an extremely difficult customer. When giving your answer, see to it that the interviewer understands what you are saying and that your main points are effectively explained. Discuss the things you did when overcoming the challenge and explain why you did them. Talk in detail but do not go overboard or you risk boring or annoying your interviewer.

More Tips to Help You Answer the Question

Aside from knowing how to maximize on your answer, there are other things you should know and do as well, to help earn points during your interview. Here are some of them:

  • If you are still starting your career, then most of the challenges you had are personal in nature. Although work-related examples are preferred, you should not hesitate to talk about challenges that you had in school, in your sports team, and others. As long as it would effectively illustrate how well you handle tough challenges, then it is perfectly fine to use it.
  • Do not talk about challenges that would speak negatively of you, such as battling with alcoholism or even drug addiction. Overcoming these challenges may have been a big achievement on your part but it will not sit well with your interviewer.
  • Lastly, always explain the actions you took in order to prevail over the challenge. Talk about the contributions you made that helped in overcoming the challenge successfully. Your interviewer will be mostly interested in the ?how? so see to it that you explain it well.
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