What to do when most important functionality is not working on the date of release?

User adds transaction details on an particular customers account, some effects are gone wrong and accounting balance are not matched, what to to in this case, is it tasters fault?
The same functionality is tasted number of times before that and it was working properly at that time.

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  • Sep 7th, 2015

First of all we should have communicated such situation with client when project is in testing phase so that we know in advance what client will react in such situation. Keep some buffer time during project release so that such issues can be quick fixed and smooth release can be done. If problem is really major and can not be quick fixed which impacts or delay project release then
1. Try to release few functionality so you will be in win win situation
2. Accept mistake n apologize client and cool him so that you can discuss on issue fixes and future release with zero tolerance.

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  • Apr 1st, 2016

As per my opinion, if the major functionality is not working then that build should be rejected and previous build should be deployed again (if in current build major fixes are not there) and then we can send the build to client and later on we can perform hot fixes for other issues.

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  • Aug 7th, 2016

If the release will be major, It should be rollback. Tester should create a bug for the issue. If already fixed on previous release, we should reopen the bug. If the release is minor It should be consider as hot fix for next major release. Testing side we cannot provide signoff for the release. We can provide conditional signoff along with bug details.

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  • Jan 6th, 2017

Though the same problem occurs on testing the defect even after clearing, first the concern project manager should talk to the client regarding the prod, explain him the concern facing with the application. And the tester should do retesting, if still the same is occurred the developer should take the initiative and change the code, then the tester should do the testing again and check that the concerned facing is solved.

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