How do you handle workplace problems?

The way you deal with other people tells so much about you. If you are actively searching for a job, you must consider enhancing your personality and getting yourself ready for the corporate world. Employers favor those candidates who have the right attitude and personality for the job apart from the possessing the needed skills.

In a corporate setting where various personalities of professionals merge, you must learn how to adjust and adapt to the different people around you. The interviewer is going to find out your level of interpersonal and communication skills particularly you ability to deal with conflicts in the workplace.

When asked this type of question, they may not necessarily target specific job-related experiences, yet you are gauged on your skill in conflict resolution in general. The employer wants to know if you have the right level of professionalism when conflicts at work arise.

Mention a Simple but Remarkable Conflict

You need not brag about getting involved in a disagreement or argument over a complicated situation. Keep the choice of conflict simple but remarkable. You can probably mention a disagreement of opinion with a colleague during a meeting. You can also talk about petty quarrels with friends or a family member, a sibling perhaps.

There is also no need to mention about more than one conflict. Just one example is enough to answer the question. If you give out two or more, you will get the impression that you are always in a disagreement with people and this will ruin your image to the interviewer. The important thing is that you were able to get out of the conflict.

Keep Details Short but Substantial

When sharing the details of how you dealt with the conflict, make it a point to be selective of the details that you give out. Just simply provide an overview of the past situation, and do not dig deep into the smallest details of it. Your interviewer does not have to know everything, not even the names of the individuals you had conflict with. In sharing your experience, the general thought of it must be that you do not turn your back toward conflicts. Always highlight what you did to reach an agreement or a compromise with the other party.

Show Your Ability in Conflict Resolution

The more important content of your answer to this question is your response to the follow-up question wherein your interviewer wants to know how you handled the problem. Keep the answer positive and professional. Always remember that conflicts must be handled with proficiency especially in a corporate setting.

Mature individuals are able to deal with disagreements and varying opinions with grace and finesse, not in a chaotic manner. This is the kind of conflicting situation you would want to share to your interviewer. Your leadership potential is also seen with the way you deal with problems arising in the workplace.

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