ABAP Questions

1. how do u document abap/4 programs? do u use program documentation/menu option?

2.does sap has a gui screen painter? if yes,what operating systems is it available on? what is the other type of screen painter called?

3.what is the effect of an include structure statement? what is the difference between a field string and internal table?

4. when should u use an include versus a perform versus a function module?

5. what are table types in sap?

6. what is the syntax to call a specific status,title bar?

7. why batch input? explain at high level ,the batch input processes?

8.how does foreign key work? what you have to put in your screen to identify the foreign key? no? then whether is the foreign key identified?

9.have you ever created a user defined database in sap/r3? if so how did u go about adding a user opening another session?

10. if u want to run two programs within one program ,how do run another program instead of opening another session?

11.explain the process of idoc creation using ale?

12. what is screen sequences?

what are smart forms?


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