How to prepare for mainframes to clear interview?

Tell me any real time error codes ,file status codes in COBOL,jcl will be useful for me in interviews.

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Very simple. You have to prepare all the modules like JCL, COBOL, VSAM and DB2. Most of the companies repeats same questions upto 60%. So prepare well for those 60%.

One simple idea is.. Whenever you comeback from any interview, maintain a notepad and note down all the questions which they asked in the interview. Next time when you r going to any interview just look into that notepad and go.

Follow the above process then surely you will get the with in 5 r 6 interviews.

All the best

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  • Aug 8th, 2012

Ya what he said is right,because i have attended 2 interviews till now and faced few same questions from both the companies......and presently i am looking for a change if there are any interviews on mainframes for 2+ years of experience plz mail me thanks in advance

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