Network Logon Failures

A user calls you they cant login in said they have tried several times what is the best way to troubleshoot this.

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  • Aug 10th, 2011

Just Check the user's account in active directory & finally check system is in domain or LAN is working fine or not.

This is the only troubleshooting for that issue

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  • Aug 22nd, 2011

1.Check whether the caps button is on or not and then give user name and password
2.Check whether all the network cables connected properly
3.Check whether the user is added in domain
4.Can reset the password for the user , because it may get locked as he tried to login so many times.
5.Can use domain name in front of the user name(domain nameuser name) and make a try
6.Check whether the server is up for the given domain

Mohammad Tarique

  • Sep 19th, 2018

-Need to be check first account lock or not
-Second is Password expire issue
-Third is user id expired issue
-Fourth is System is getting APIPA (Means system out of from domain)

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