Technical Support Job questions

1.When their is virus in your comp-(it shutdown the comp in 1min)what is the action that needs to be taken?

2.Can you connect two monitors to one comp?

3.What is the MAC address?

4.Where do you use apply DGMA?

5.How do u define network?

6.What do u do when u get an error message "page cannot be displayed"?

7.What is an IP address?

8.what is the difference between pin6 and boot trace command?

9.How do u know if the laptop modem is working or not?

10.How do u determine self-diagnostic test? Other than command prompt

11.Different kinds of OS layers

12. How many times can a hard disk be formatted?

13.What are Routers?

14.What is TCPIP?

15.What is the difference between DHCP and DNS?

16.How do u create a dial up connection?

17.What is the color of RJ45port?

18.What is a mailing program?

19.What is system restore?

20.What is MS configuration?

21.What is WINS?

22.What is a proxy server?

23.What is CHKDSKR?

24.Expand ARP?

25.Expand RARP?

26.Does a printer require a Network Card?

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