Citrix Architecture, Logon and Enumeration Process

Explain about Citrix Architecture and Logon and Enumeration Process Deeply? What are the error happening while login issue? How to over come on log on error?

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bimal kishore

  • Jun 27th, 2017

Xenapp Server,Xenapp Farm,Xenapp Datastore,Zones,LHC (Local Host Cache),Zone data colector,Backup Zone data colector,XML server/XML broker,Web Interface/Store Front, Access Gateway & Netsacler, Citrix Licence Server.

Let A user launches a Web browser then browser connect to web interface either by website or service site, then web interface returns the LOGOn Page, the user types credentials, the users credentials are forwarded from XML then to IMA service in http or https form, the IMA then forwarded them to Lsass.exe, the lsass.exe encrypts the credentials then passes them to domain controller, the domain controller returs the sid(users sid and the list of group SIDs) back tp lsass.exe and to IMA, IMa used the SIDs the Local hostt cache for the list of applications and the worker group preference policy for the authenticated user, the list of applications together with the users worker group preference policy are returned to the web interface, the web interface returns the web page to the web browser.

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