Do you like working in a team or alone? Explain.

Employers would like to find out the ability of a candidate to work in a team so during interviews, this common question is asked. While they prefer potential their employees to be self-supervised individuals, they also want them to understand the value of teamwork by easily getting immersed in teams. You will most likely be endorsed to a team or a department if you get to nail the job. However, your employer must make sure that you have no issues working with a team which means sharing of ideas, knowledge, and even your skills to the team members. It should always be your goal to impress your potential employer with positive answers during the interview.

Make "Yes" the Only Option

Since the question is plainly asked in a closed-ended manner, give a plain 'Yes' or 'No' answer. Yet, as the previous paragraph mentions, the way to impress the interviewer is to show positivity in your response. Although working alone is not completely bad, collaborating with a team is still a preferred option of employers when looking for their candidate. Answer this question with a resounding "Yes" and stick to it. Set aside the fact of working alone if that is really how you are. Taking both options of working with a team and working alone in your answer will only allow for a lengthened explanation. Aside from that, the interviewer will get this idea that you may be a type of person who is not completely comfortable with the idea of working with other people.

Show Support for Teamwork

Every employer would choose job candidates with a team player attitude. Let them feel that you are really comfortable working with a team through a supporting explanation in the form of experiences. The best kind of experience to demonstrate is your previous work example. It is always safe to use work-related experiences in a job interview. That way, your potential employer can relate them to your future job performance and your personality as a working individual.

In sharing your experience, avoid having to mention misunderstanding with other team members or any failures that you experienced working with a team. This may be asked in another question, so try not to incorporate it with this one. Focus on the benefits and advantages of working with a group of individuals. In stating reasons, always remember to keep the list down to a minimum. One to two strong reasons to support your answer will do and never leave your reason unsupported with even a brief explanation of why you say so.

Reiterate Your Response

The safest way to close an answer to a question is to drive home to your main point. After explaining further your reasons, simply reiterate the fact that you are a good team player and you can be counted upon during team activities. The simpler the wrap up, the better and the easier it is for your interviewer to capture your message.

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