How you will react in this situation?

You are a HR person and any employee ask you for half day leave for any reason (like go to Dr), and you know that he/she is going for interview. Then what will you do? Will you give him/her leave or not. How you will react in this situation?

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  • Jun 17th, 2008

You will give leave as per the Hr policy.... and you  will start sourcing for another candidate to create back up in your team.

Plan for your future.

Sukanya Bhosale

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There is no point of react & act on this situation. If the employee is eligible for leave even though the reason is false information, as per professional person we are suppose to approve his leave.

It doesn't matter, how many days the leave is requested by employee. If the works alloted to the concerned is handed over / shared with back-up person in proper manner and there is no urgent work is pending. The leave can be allowed without any more hesitation.

Hope I am correct.


  • Jul 23rd, 2009

If the reactions are common from all the people Then, the HR person might have not explanied the speech correctly upto their  satisfication. The candidates might have expected much more from that HR person. The HR person should not show any reaction specified to any of them be nrml confidence.

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As per the leave policy statements, The person if eligible on the basis of the leaves left or not, he should be granted a leave but if says he has to meet a doctor a check can be done by asking for the prescription.

If you are sure that the person is going for an interview it becomes confirmed that employee has not become an integral part of the company. There might be something lacking from either the company or the employee side or may be its just not the right culture fit. If not culture fit, then attitude needs to be modified which can be done via mentoring. If not job-fit it can be corrected via coaching. Or there is some problem due to personal reason counsel him or advice him to a counselor.

And, if there is no improvement then you do need a new employee. Plan for it earlier, since the average years a person stays with a job is declining (around 2 years).


  • Sep 6th, 2011

In regards to Priya's post, it is not legal to ask for an employee's prescription. That is a violation of their right to keep their health information private. However, you may ask for a doctor's note confirming that the employee had an appointment. The doctor's note should not specify what illness the appointment was for, because that would also be a violation of privacy.

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  • Sep 13th, 2011

If the employee is a talented person, I will discuss with him about the matter.

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Ben Larbi

  • Mar 9th, 2013

An HR personnel should be aware of all these and must have a succession plan which can be done through job rotation. HR person must review the management style to know if employees are not satisfy with it. It might also happen that policies are not communicated well enough to employees.

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