Does a problem make you a better person?

Have you been through a difficult situation? How does a problem make you a better person?

In job interviews, your answers to the questions that interviewers or the employers ask are very crucial in the selection process. Notice that they scribble notes on their paper or your curriculum vitae in every response. This is because they want to know their candidates on a deeper level, and not just base their knowledge on the information written on the resume. They find interviews the most effective step in the hiring procedure because they are able to gauge the applicant on a more personal level.

The questions can be knowledge-based or plainly a verification of the data found on your resume. Yet, some questions are behavioral such as this. When you are asked questions requiring you to share past situations and experiences, they are categorized as behavioral-based questions. These are asked with a purpose of assessing your future performance in comparison to your past performance. Moreover, it gauges your personal character in relation to work character.

The question above targets your ability to endeavor during trying times. Every one of us has gone through challenges in life but each person has a different approach in dealing with it. Follow the guide below in answering this question.

Answer with Sincerity and Honesty

It is obviously unrealistic to say that you never went through any major problem. Be honest by stating that you did experience a major setback. This does not demerit your image as an applicant. In fact, the interviewer would even appreciate the honesty in sharing such experience. Remember, you are not perceived as weak when you admit that you dealt with a major challenge in the past. Everyone goes though it at certain points in their lives.

Relate to Work

If it applies to you, the best kind of experience to share is something that is work-related. You may have gone through a huge challenge at work in your previous employment. Use that to support your answer. It is safer to use work-related situations because it does not involve a lot personality assessment, but more on work performance and skills instead. Mention that specific challenge and explain why it is a challenge to you before you start to relate to your interviewer how you dealt with it.

Stress on Endurance and Efforts

The key idea is not being a quitter in trying situations. Major challenges are presented to you not to put you down or make a mess out of your life but to test your endurance and perseverance to overcome it. When stating how you handled that major challenge, keep it on a positive note. Refrain from giving hints or clues that you are forced to just face it or that you are on the verge of quitting instead of facing it. Mention the best technique you did to overcome the challenge and what good you got out of it. Always highlight that battling the challenge has made you a better and stronger person.

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