Do you find yourself busy most of the time? Why?

Tough questions are not always easy to answer, but if you plan ahead and structure your response to such questions, then for sure, you will be able to impress your interviewer. Because there are lots of applicants vying for the job position that you are hoping to get, it is imperative that you ace your interview. One of the most asked questions during your interview with a recruitment officer will be on the topic of responsibility. Do you make full use of your time at work to do the things you are supposed to do? Or do you spend more time chitchatting with your friends? To know the most effective way to answer the question given above, read further.

The Essence of Responsibility

Being responsible is one of the most desirable qualities that an employee can have. When you are responsible, you do not need anyone to tell you to ?do this and that.? You work hard even if nobody is around. Well, if every employee in a company is responsible, then the company can expect a high level of productivity from their people. Conversely, if one employee is being irresponsible, then it is almost difficult to imagine this person to work without being told or to always be efficient in completing tasks. If a responsible person could get the job done in two hours, it would probably take an irresponsible person four hours to finish. For this reason, companies are always on the lookout for responsible individuals who would like to work for them.

What They Are Looking For

Qualities that make a person responsible include initiative, hard work, perseverance, honesty, and the ability to handle time and schedules. A person who is responsible is someone who will find ways if none is handed to him. On the other hand, this person is also hardworking and will not waste precious time doing non-work related stuff. This person will continue doing his or her job even if faced with difficulties and even if others are being unproductive. This person knows there is a job that needs to be done and he or she will keep at it until it is finished, even if nobody is watching. And lastly, a responsible person is also good at managing the time that he or she has and sets priorities well. All these things make a responsible individual, and if you have such qualities, then it will be to your advantage.

How to Answer the Question

Because this question wants to test how responsible you are in the workplace, it is suggested that you take a positive stance on a keeping yourself busy. Do not complain about the workload that you have or that your boss always assigns all the work to you. Cite an example that will exemplify your sense of leadership and ownership to your responsibilities. As much as possible, to talk about a situation that is relevant to the job position you are applying for.

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