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Hi Guys,
I have 3 yrs for experiences in datastage , though not much practical experience due to various reasons, now I have been asked this question in 4 of my interviews and I am always flounder at it . Have tried different approaches , telling the truth , telling a real situation I faced which actually was not that difficult , but I always seems to flounder at this question ??? So please guys let me know some ETL scenario for parallel datastage 8.1 which would be good for 3 years experiences guys

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Kamalakar Kalidindi

  • Aug 27th, 2013

I too fed up with this question..i gave answer like this, every new job is difficult..when we are building that job for first time, it will be difficult only..among those implementing SCD type -2 (insert and update) is the difficlult one i have faced...give some blah blah b;ah explanation..learn abt scd type-2 and same something abt that..this is what i do in interviews.. :) (Y)

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