Interview Questions on SQL Server at Microsoft

What is a Database Snapshot ?
What is Stuff function ?
why we use replication .Do we use replication in an dataware house project ?
What is meant by Scan and Seek ?
We can use select in stored procdure using open query .Any idea .
How do you do code coverage for UI and Database ? What factors are instrumental in doing UI
code coverage ? Eg : we consider Stored Procedure ,.... parameters validation as instrumental in doing code coverage of database.
where do we mention the conection string in webserver kind of architecture ?
What is code coverage ?
oops concepts ...Polymorphism
What is Fragmentation Level

SQL Queries :
1)I have two tables :
I want all the cities in each country.Question on Cross Join.

2) I have one table :EID,Depid,ename,sal
I want to have max(sal) in each department.

3) There are three tables :
empdept : eid, did

select the employees who doesn't belong to any dep

4)Discussion on Except ,using cast like type cast. Question in the context of difference between two tables

5) There is a big table with "n" of rows and 40 + columns .It doesn't have primary key.How do you select the primary key.
In other words how do you get the duplicate records.

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