C++ open ended experiment

The objective of this open ended experiment is to develop an ISE DEPARTMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM application using C++. The primary emphasis of the experiment is to understand and gain knowledge of principles of object oriented programming concepts so as to apply these concepts in implementing real world problems.
Students should take this work seriously as these efforts will be useful for developing programming skills and creativity in students. The open ended experiment must be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else. If found copied, the experiment will be rejected and no CIE marks will be awarded. The open ended experiment is not only a partial fulfilment of open ended experiment of ISE department but also provide a way to demonstrate your skills, abilities and specialization.
The aim of this open ended experiment is to build an ISE department information system which should provide various options for seeing details of the department similar to departmental web site. But do not use any kind of web programming concepts. Your application must support following features
 Information of lecturers and their profiles.
 Generation and display of timetable for students and lecturers.
 Notifications with date of announcements.
 Student information belonging to different semesters.
 Provision for accessing study material and notes.
 Announcement and display of results of SEE, MINOR exams.
 Announcement and display of timetables of MINOR exams and SEE.
 Make use of files for storing all the required information.
The source code of your application must include following concepts.
 class and object
 constructor and destructor
 Friend
 Operator overloading
 Template
 Inheritance
 Overriding and abstract classes
 polymorphism (static and dynamic)

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