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I have two separate web UI pages but both are identical. All parameter, buttons are similar. Only difference is web link address. How I can identify object & how to set unique object property in one web UI which will also work for second web UI while identifying object.
In more detail - I have two same web UI pages with different web UI address. want to read data from one web UI with identified object and object property. I would like to use same object and object property for identifying or reading the values from second web UI. Can anyone guide me how to identify unique property and use it for more that one similar web UI?

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  • Oct 21st, 2015

The best way to resolve this problem would be to use the dynamic descriptive programming. However if you are not familiar with it and a newbie, you could solve the issue using static descriptive programming.
The possible solution could be one of these:
1.Use ordinal identifier.
2.Use 2/3 assistive property values along with the mandatory property value.
3.or all of the above.

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