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Dear All,
I have a done a house hold wiring for villa, During a megger test we notice that valve between phase and neutral is good 500 Mohm when test between Phase to earth wire it is shown as less than 100 Mohm when I remove the all wire from conduit and we test it is showing correctly as 500Mohm, After that i replaced all wire as New before pulling the wire in conduit i checked it is shown correctly as 500 Mohm after pulled the wire in conduit it shown as below 100 Mohm Please give me solution,
Wire: National wire UAE
Tester:Fluke 1663 Multifunction Installation Tester (new)

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  • Jul 21st, 2016

Megger which is used to find the discoonection in the underground cables

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Edwin Rodrigues

  • Aug 3rd, 2016

The conduit probably has moisture or humidity. Or the temperature of wires inside the conduit has increased. The insulation resistance depends on factors of humidity and temperature.

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