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As Manual Tester, If I want to check for movie website for 30 days trial period after that we have to pay 5$ & if <30 days account would close. How to test 30 days period if we have release in 1 week

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Jyotiranjan Rout

  • Mar 21st, 2017

Looks like you want to test the subscription feature. While using the Google test account you can test the 1 year subscription feature functionality to a minimum of 1 hour for a test user. For Apple AppStore apps, you will have to wait till 3 days for testing any duration subscription.
You have to test all these by using the sandbox accounts.

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  • Mar 22nd, 2017

As a manual tester we need to verify free period for 30 days as it is taking any charges in between these 30 days after 30 days it should give a mail or message as it is closing free period and you should need to pay 5$ other wise it should follow free member benefits. verify 30 days by changing dates.

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