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  • how many types of gear boxes are there?

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    • Member Since Nov-2005 | Aug 2nd, 2008

    Thare are 4 types of gear box.
    1. sliding mesh gear box.
    2.constant mesh gear box.
    3.synchromesh gear box.
    4.planetarty gear box.

    Akshay Raut

    • Nov 23rd, 2016

    1. Manual Gear Box:
    (a) Sliding mesh gear box
    (b) Synchromesh gear box
    (c) Constant mesh gear box

    2. Automatic gear box:
    (a) Epicyclic gear box
    (b) Hydraulic Torque converter

    shubham singh rawat

    • Jun 16th, 2016

    Thare are 4 types of gear box.
    1. Sliding mesh gear box
    2. Constant mesh gear box
    3. Synchromesh gear box
    4. Planetarty gear box