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how to calculate the weight of a thin plate of sheet and a tube?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 29th, 2011
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Answered On : Sep 5th, 2011

Mass*acceleration due to gravity (9.81)

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digvijay kumar

Answered On : Sep 7th, 2011

Its simple to calculate the weight of a thin plate and tubes..
(1).we collect some sheets which all are same with dimensions,we weight all sheets and it is divided by the total number of sheets,it gives the weight of a single sheet...similarly this all should be done in same manner with tubes.

(2). if there is a single sheet or tube,then we need some like length,breadth,thickness of the plate and the tube,cross sectional area or radius of the tube..and mass density of the material which is used to made the sheet or tube ,now by using the formula...
mass density=mass/volume..or
we can calculate the mass of the sheet or tube..then after we multiply mass and acceleration due to gravity..
it gives the weight of that specimen.
for plate; volume=length*breadth*thickness
for tubes; volume=pie*(r2 - r1)^2 *length of the tube
where, r2 - r1=thickness of the tube.

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Answered On : Sep 8th, 2011

First you calculate the sheet volume,and multiple the density of the material.

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mostafa anwar

Answered On : Dec 1st, 2011

Plate : Length ; m X width ; m X thick ; mm X density ; gm/mm3 = ............... kg
Tube : Pi X Dm ; m X L ; m X t ; mm X density ; gm/mm3 =

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Ashim Bhowmick

Answered On : Dec 14th, 2011

Weight calculation for Plate,Flat,Sheet in MS materials is = (Width X Thick x7.85)/1000 kg/Mtr.

Now from the ans. we can calculated the weight of different length picess.

For Ms Tube

2 x pie x r= ----mm
( eg. OD.30 /Th.10 / ID 10 mm
2x3.14x10 =62.8mm
Now( 62.8x10x7.85)/1000=4.92kg/mtr.

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ENG/Ali salah

Answered On : Dec 4th, 2012

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Answered On : Jul 23rd, 2013

Everyone knows that Density= m/V and Weight= mg
Volume of thin plate= lbt
Volume of tube= Pi/4(Do2-Di2) X length of tube
so, weight of the thin plate= Density X g X Volume of plate.
weight of the tube= Density X g X Volume of tube.

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