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What is the difference between MVC1 & MVC2 in Java?

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Its a model view Controller architecture 1 that means all the presentation logic and business logic is mixed up. If any modification is required on its impact on the logic. Difficult to maintain the application.

MVC2: There is a clear separation on roles on presentation and business logic. Easily we can update the changes on specified classes. We can maintain the application easily. Reduce the development time.

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MVC(Model-View-Controller) :: This type of architecture makes our code to be reusable and separation of code.

View :: Which presents the modal data, example if we are presenting any tabular data or chart data to the end user then that comes under VIEW.

Model :: What ever the data we are presenting on the UI(User Interface) needs some business rules to be followed and given it to the view, for that purpose we are using Model. Example if we are reading any document and suddenly the user wants to update the document then for that he will clicks the EDIT button then the request goes to Model, then the model having some business rules and application data. So the model process that request and gives it back to VIEW. Now view changes it perspective to EDIT mode.

Controller :: It is just like a carrier of request and responses. Example when the user clicks EDIT mode of document then from the View the request goes to Controller. Here controller know to which file(Comes under model) this request has to be sent. Controller dispatches the request and the Model process the request and sends response to Controller again. Now the controller again take that response and gives it to VIEW. This is the main function of controller in MVC architecture.

If we are dividing the code like this i.e jsps(VIEW) in one section and Model(Example .java files which process the request) and last but not the least Controller(Which controls all the request and responses) which make our code to be reusable. So many advantages are there but reusable is just an example.

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