Can any one please provide me the best design for the following...

Create architecture and design of a small client-server cloud application to compile and test applications, client will connect to the server, then client will receive compile and test "instructions" (commands to be executed) from server, last the log results from compilation and testing will be uploaded to server.

All messages and errors, from server and client, must be logged into a LOG Server. It should exist a simple web application, which will show the previous LOG errors and messages.

Server should start from command line, and wait for client incoming connections. Client should connect to the server, and it will start to execute the required commands. The test application source code should be ready to be compiled in client VM. The commands to be executed should be transferred in XML format

A server website must show a list of clients running and terminated, also will show the details of both compile and test results.

Required commands to be executed in client :** - Compile a simple C# project from command line.(C#project should contain at least a simple method)

Execute a NUnit test from the recently compiled C# project.

NUnit results should be shown in Server application website.



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