Describe how you would establish the operational (service) requirements for the data warehouse?

Hello Guys....please help...
I have an interview with NHS for a data ware house role and for which they have asked me to prepare a presentation on a topic "Describe how you would establish the operational (service) requirements for the data warehouse? I have 10 minutes for the presentation"
But I am a little confused with what i should put in the presentation. Please can anyone tell me the topics that I should cover under this question and what exactly do they expect from me from the presentation.
do they want me to demonstrate the data warehouse architecture with the different components. Does operation (Service) requirement mean the functional requirements or the business requirements.
Please help..
thank you.

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  • Jan 18th, 2012

service requirement means establishing the connection between client and server...right? well if it is then i can guide you that how to connect a client machine to server via repository.

once the server has installed ,contains an administration console web page in that page log into it by providing user name and pass word,these parameter has been already given by user at the time of installation of informatica sever. after log in you will see a welcome page select last option of that menu.

Next a new window will open ,at left side of that window a drop down menu is there having name CREATE. click this button and select REPOSITORY SERVICE. this is the very essential step in informatica to create repository.fill every requirement in repository window.this will ask u the following information like....repository name,select node,dbuser name,dbpassword,connection all the requirement correctly and click on create.if every item has configured correctly REPOSITORY will be created.

Once repository created check that weather it is running in normal mode or exclusive mode.if it is in exclusive mode select action and select create content.this will create number of table.Now change the running mode of repository from exclusive to normal after creating the content.

Now repository is running in normal mode.This mode is necessary while creating integration services.

Next step is creation of integration service. Back to create select inti. service.,new window will open again fill the content and create the integration services.

once the both services has created you are ready to establish a connection b/w client and server.

Installed the client and select power center repository manager.

Create the repository in repo. manager giving the same name as it was given in administration console(web page).
Now you r ready to perform mapping in your data base.

hope this will helpful for you,

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