Physical architecture of oracle

How we can determine the physical architecture of oracle?

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  • Oct 12th, 2011

The Physical Architectureof the Oracle involves,
1)SGA i.e Shared Global Area or System Global Area part of the Memory of system which is used by the Oracle Database.

2)Background Processes: To start up the oracle data base these are the minimum background processes required.

a)PMON: Process Monitor releases all the reources and transactions(I/D/U) which is held by the user after disconnecting from the database.

b)SMON: System Monitor performs the failure of Instance Crash suppose if the Data missing in DF. SMON recognizes such inconvinence and writes the data from RF to DF

c)Checkpoint: All the DB buffer changes wil be written into the DF aftr issuing the checkpoint. Checkpoint will be issued on timely basis by DBA.

d)DBWR: It writes the DB buffer changes to DF aftr the check point.

e)LGWR: It writes the LOGBUFFER changes to the RF when rollback or checkpoint is encountered.

3)Database files: Oracle data base contains three types of files that are,
b)Redolog Files(RF)
c)Control File(CF)

To start up DB one Datafile two Redologfile and one Control file is needed.

Datafile is the place where data gets stored permanentely.
Redolog file is the place where all the comitted data gets stores.
Control file stores the information about the DF & RF.

Oracle Architecture also comprises of the following,
4)Data Base Blocks

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Sanjay Bali

  • Oct 14th, 2011

The Physical Architecture of Database (in Oracle) means the actual datafiles and Other support files it does NOT take account of any structure available into the Memory like SGA. The structure in memory is called Instance.

The answer given by Nikhil is good but it is NOT physical architecture it is Instance architecture.

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  • Oct 18th, 2011

physical architecture of oracle?
physical architecture is nothing but the physical files is stored in database
1.Data file
2.Control file
3.redo log file
It is enough

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Oracle architecture consist of four structures:
1. Memory structure (SGA, PGA)
2. Process structure (user process, server process, background process)
3. Physical structure (data files, redo log files, control files)
4. Logical structure (tablespace, segment, extent, datablock)

but when we talk about physical architecture of Oracle it compromises of all and of Oracle database only datafiles, control files, redo log files.


  • Oct 2nd, 2013


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